Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 6

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 6

Q1 | ‘market saturation’ can be best classifiedas
Q2 | An availability of new talent management information system is a key driver of
Q3 | Large inventories can be best classified as
Q4 | Strategy to understand problem and toformulate hypothesis is called
Q5 | An ‘Equal Pay Act’ emphasizes compensable factors are such as
Q6 | The goal of HRD system is to develop
Q7 | a/an is a plan or programmesto motivate individual or group performance.
Q8 | Strategy employees use to seek, for personal enrichment and greater convenienceis
Q9 | From employer’s point of view, talentmanagement is also known as
Q10 | Behavioral factors affecting job design are ?
Q11 | According to business perspective, employees carrying sign language in depicting their concerns, regarded as
Q12 | Distributive bargaining may be explained as
Q13 | Identify the correct sequence of the steps of grievance procedure required to be followed for the grievance handling1. Departmental Manager2. Immediate Supervisor3. Arbitration4. Trade Union’s intervention
Q14 | The process of determining the tasks that make-up a job and the skills, abilities and responsibilities needed to perform the job is called
Q15 | Neutral party who negotiates issues in agreement dispute, makes a reasonable settlement by giving public recommendation is classified as
Q16 | Bankers are best classified in a personality type of
Q17 | Unstructured interview is also called
Q18 | People who chosen careers having more structured activities is classified as
Q19 | Which principle of management is violated by matrix organisation structure?
Q20 | An integrated group of activities to bring about a change is known as
Q21 | Comparing quite dissimilar jobs such as nurses to technicians is best classified as
Q22 | Consider the following punishments in disciplinary actions:I. WarningII. DemotionIII. CensureIV. DismissalWhich of the above fall under minor punishment?
Q23 | The first step in the e-selection process is
Q24 | The following is (are) the key components of a business process Re-engineering programme?
Q25 | ‘cooperative union-management projects’is an example of