Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 63

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 63

Q1 | Approaches used to compare jobs are
  • intuitive approaches
  • systematic approaches
  • mathematical approaches
  • logical approaches
Q2 | Stephen Knauf defined HRA as the measurement& of Human organisational inputs such as recruitment, training experience& commitment
  • Qualification
  • Accounting
  • Development
  • None of the above
Q3 | Which of the following role a managerperforms as a Resource allocator?
  • Interpersonal role
  • Decisional role
  • Informational role
  • Supportive role
Q4 | Whistle-Blowers are
  • To be protected since they intend to bring out truth
  • To be rewarded for the organisational enrichment
  • To be removed from the jobs
  • To be promoted
Q5 | In the Grid Seminars, stress is laid on
  • Teaching
  • Professionalism
  • Training& Development
  • All of the above
Q6 | Which of the following statements is false?
  • Organizations are now less hierarchical in nature
  • Organizations are now generally focusing upon domestic rather than international matters
  • Organizations have adopted more flexible norms
  • Organizations have been subject to a raft of organizational change programs
Q7 | The training imparted to a new employee to induct him into new social setting of his work, is called
  • Orientation training
  • Job training
  • Corrective training
  • Promotional training
Q8 | Coordination of personnel activities is a crucial part of
  • Functional authority
  • Line function
  • Staff functions
  • all of above
Q9 | An enterprise Incentive Managementsystems include
  • planning compensation
  • analyzing compensation
  • managing compensation
  • all of above
Q10 | On which of the following, at the initial stage, the Indian IT companies relying more for getting good IT professionals?
  • Job portals
  • Placement Agencies
  • Campus Placement
  • All of the above
Q11 | A corporate wide pay plan that uses a structured formula to allocate a portion of annual company profits to employees is known as:
  • ESOPS sharing
  • Profit sharing
  • Gain sharing
  • All of the above
Q12 | ‘differentiation and integration’ is an example of
  • human process intervention
  • techno structural interventions
  • strategic intervention
  • HRM interventions
Q13 | The four systems of Management in terms of Leadership styles are related to
  • Blake and Mouton
  • Philip Kotler
  • Peter F. Drucker
  • Rensis Likert
Q14 | Communicating leadership’ involves
  • personal competencies
  • interpersonal competencies
  • business management
  • both A and C
Q15 | Re-assignment of work, related to job in another part of organization, at similar position is called
  • promotions
  • transfers
  • reality shock
  • formal training
Q16 | A manager reviewing ‘Does employee’s training is adequate is part of
  • antecedents
  • behavior
  • consequences
  • counseling
Q17 | Which one of the following is not themethod of job evaluation?
  • Grading
  • Ranking
  • Point Method
  • Forced Distribution
Q18 | A company that controls market by offering same products as of competitors, considered as
  • diversification
  • vertical integration
  • horizontal integration
  • geographic expansion
Q19 | The meaning of the acronym ‘SHRM’ is ?
  • Short-term Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategestic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Humane Resource Management
Q20 | Who are not the Actors of Industrial Relations?
  • Workers and their organisations
  • Employers and their organisations
  • Community and cultural associations
  • Government and the role of the State
Q21 | Executive Employee Training Method consists
  • Multiple Management Training Method
  • In Basket Training Method
  • Position Rotation Training
  • All of the above
Q22 | Gender discrimination, lower appraisalrating is an example of
  • lenient/strict tendency
  • bias
  • central tendency
  • different tendencies
Q23 | A marketing concept, holding a society’slong-term interest, belongs to
  • realistic orientation
  • investigation oriented
  • societal orientation
  • art oriented
Q24 | Employee violates the rules of organisation as mentioned in the standing orders becauseof which he has to leave the job, is an example of
  • Premature Retirement
  • Compulsory Retirement
  • Forced Retirement
  • Voluntary Retirement
Q25 | Which of the following features characterize the Balance Score Card Method?I. The score cards are cascading in nature and as such are all pervasive in an organizationII. It is supported by effective communication systemIII. Standardization of goals is not rigidIV. Customer focus is an integral part of Balanced Score cards
  • I, II and III
  • II, III and IV
  • I, II, and IV
  • I, III and IV