Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 16

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 16

Q1 | Next step after ‘defining current business’ is to
  • external and internal audit
  • Formulating a new direction
  • Formulating strategies
  • Implement the strategies
Q2 | Justice and fairness of a result of a decision is often classified as
  • descriptive justice
  • procedural justice
  • distributive justice
  • severance justice
Q3 | Which of the following is closely associated with strategic human resource management?
  • Inefficient utilisation of human resources
  • Not attracting the best human resources
  • Providing Superficial training
  • Providing Best training methods
Q4 | Manpower inventory involves
  • The classification of the inventory of workers in an organisation in addition to the qualities
  • The classification of characteristics of personnel in an organisation, in addition to counting their number
  • The classification of characteristics of managers’ qualities in addition to their number
  • The classification of characteristic features of functions for inventory in addition to the total number of functions
Q5 | What is meant by the term ’management by objectives’?
  • System of giving the authority to carry out certain jobs by those lower down the management hierarchy
  • The system of management that is based on bringing together experts into a team
  • The setting of objectives to bring about the achievement of the corporate goals
  • The control of the Organisation by those in the ’head office’
Q6 | Quality and timeliness of work is classified as
  • “what you are measuring”
  • “how you are measuring”
  • “what are the set standards”
  • “the rules of performance appraisals”
Q7 | Who has advanced the Bottom of the Pyramid concept?
  • C.K. Prahlad
  • Peter Drucker
  • Garry Dessler
  • Michael Porter
Q8 | ‘employ’s wellness responsibility is an example of
  • human process intervention
  • techno structural interventions
  • strategic intervention
  • HRM interventions
Q9 | Job identification is one of the components of ?
  • job specification
  • job design
  • job description
  • job evaluation
Q10 | Who coined the term ‘informal sector’?
  • Keith Davis
  • Amartya Sen
  • Mahabub Ul Haq
  • Keith Hart
Q11 | Which of the following is a Matrix Organization?
  • When projects are geographically dispersed
  • When project structure is independently created
  • When bureaucratic structure is made less hierarchical
  • When project structure is superimposed on bureaucratic structure
Q12 | Which of the following term best represents the individuals who have interests in an Organisation and are influenced by it?
  • Workforce
  • Stakeholders
  • Customers
  • Stockholders
Q13 | Basis of Job Evaluation is
  • Job design
  • Job ranking
  • Job analysis
  • Any of the above
Q14 | Which of the following is a key HR role as defined by Ulrich et al (2009)?
  • Personnel administrator
  • Business ally
  • Payroll advisor
  • Organisational geographer
Q15 | In a big five models, ‘openness to experience’ is tendency to be
  • imaginative
  • assertive
  • achievement
  • autonomous
Q16 | A test’s validity can be demonstrated in
  • Two ways
  • Three ways
  • Four ways
  • Five ways
Q17 | Term ‘job enlargement’ means
  • redesigning jobs for workers
  • assigning additional activities for workers
  • moving workers from one job to the other
  • none of above
Q18 | Plan which is firstly discussed in business plan is mostly
  • marketing plan
  • financial plan
  • personnel plan
  • production plan
Q19 | Strategy employers follow to vacate a position where employee is no longer neededis included in
  • promotions
  • transfers
  • reality shock
  • formal training
Q20 | Once a firm has a pool of applicants, thefirst step in Pre-screening is the ?
  • in-person interview
  • on-site visit
  • application form
  • telephone interview
Q21 | Types in which benefits are classified are
  • insurance benefits
  • pay for time not worked
  • retirement benefits
  • all of above
Q22 | ‘job grading’ is another name of
  • point method
  • job classification
  • alternative ranking method
  • aligned reward strategy
Q23 | Strategic human resource management involves
  • Financing project marketing related programming
  • setting employment standards and policies
  • linking human resources with strategic objectives to improve performance
  • Project planning
Q24 | How can high potential employees be developed for future positions?
  • internal training
  • Increasing pal skill
  • Managing employee
  • Allowing them to do further studies
Q25 | Assisting managers in HR functions of management, known as
  • line manager
  • First line supervisor
  • staff manager
  • all of above