Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 50

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 50

Q1 | A high ranking organizational official (e.g. general counsellor or vice president) who is expected to provide strategies for ensuring ethical conduct throughout the organization is known as
  • Ethics Manager
  • Ethics Officer
  • Ethics Controller
  • Ethics Counsellor
Q2 | Supply of services by outside vendors that are done previously by in-house employees is
  • outsourcing
  • off shoring
  • alternative staffing
  • none of above
Q3 | Basis of ‘organizational development’ is
  • action research
  • customer research
  • marketing research
  • human research
Q4 | An availability of information systems tointegrate succession planning with recruitment is part of
  • phased retirement
  • preretirement counseling
  • talent management
  • modifying selection procedure
Q5 | suggests Human Resource Strategy in itself may not be effective.
  • Peter Drucker
  • Tony Groundy
  • John Zimmerman
  • Anonymous
Q6 | When effort to earn additional income through a second job does not bear fruit, such type of efforts& the consequent results may be called as
  • Red moon lighting
  • Blue moon lighting
  • Yellow moon lighting
  • Silver moon lighting
Q7 | An employee’s aspirations and plans are linked to
  • appraisal feedback
  • appraisal performance
  • employee training
  • employee development
Q8 | Find out the characteristics of collective bargaining which is not applicable;
  • It is a flexible process.
  • It is a collective process.
  • It is not a bipartile process.
  • It is interdisciplinary system.
Q9 | In group interview, questions are being asked from interviewee, known as
  • panel interview
  • mass interview
  • computer interview
  • none of above
Q10 | To keep on track employees’ performance, building block to be used is
  • direction sharing
  • goal alignment
  • rewards and recognition
  • coaching and development support
Q11 | Training refers to
  • An act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job
  • It bridges the differences between job requirements and employee’s present specifications
  • A short term educational process and utilizing systematic and organized procedure by which employees learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose
  • All of the above
Q12 | The word “Tactic” is the most likely to be associated with
  • Corporate strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Operational strategy
  • Behavioural strategy
Q13 | Factors affecting job design are ?
  • behavioral factors
  • environmental factors
  • organizational factors
  • all of the above
Q14 | HRM is
  • A staff functions
  • A line function
  • A staff function, line function and accounting function
  • All of the above
Q15 | The three types of forecasts are
  • Economic, employee market, company’s sales expansion
  • Long, Short, Medium
  • Production, economic, company’s sales expansion
  • Production, labor, economic
Q16 | Which of the following are tripartite bodies?I. Indian Labour ConferenceII. Wage BoardIII. Standing Labour CommitteeIV. Works Committee
  • I and II
  • II and III
  • I, II and III
  • I, II, III and IV
Q17 | Strategic human resource management aims to achieve competitive advantage in the market through
  • Price
  • Product
  • People
  • Process
Q18 | Increasing the number and variety of tasks assigned to a job is called
  • Job rotation
  • Job enlargement
  • Job enrichment
  • (A) and (c)
Q19 | Best. Defines how. Well a test or selection procedure measures a person’s attributes.
  • Reliability
  • Testing
  • Validity
  • Organizational constraint
Q20 | In traditional focus, providing opportunities for learning is part of
  • training and development
  • performance appraisal
  • recruiting and placement
  • human resource planning
Q21 | An employee compares his pay with other’s pay in company at same position is called
  • internal equity
  • external equity
  • collective equity
  • individual equity
Q22 | Feedback and counselling involves
  • Discuss the steps the employee can take for improvement
  • Provide support
  • Give critical and supporting feedback
  • All of the above
Q23 | Which of the following is a type of nontraditional worker?I. contingent workersII. part-time workersIII. people working in alternative work arrangementsIV. people with multiple jobsSelect the answer from the codes given below
  • I, II& III
  • I, II& IV
  • II, III& IV
  • I, II, III& IV
Q24 | Introduction Training Method is provided to the
  • Present Employees
  • Ex-Employees
  • Retired Employees
  • Freshers
Q25 | For current markets, development of improved products is part of
  • Market penetration
  • Market development
  • Product development
  • none of above