Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 42

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 42

Q1 | HR maturity of company with respect to its strategic goals is measured by
  • Human Resource Development (HRD) scorecard
  • HR scorecard
  • both A and B
  • none of above
Q2 | ‘organizational confronting meeting’ isan example of
  • human process intervention
  • techno structural interventions
  • strategic intervention
  • HRM interventions
Q3 | Attrition is related to
  • Job description
  • Resignation / Termination
  • Job evaluation
  • Merit rating
Q4 | The primary aim of recruitment and selection process is to
  • Meet the high labour turnover
  • Hire the best individuals at optimum cost
  • Ensure the availability of surplus in the case of sickness and absence
  • Hire Excess manpower for the future
Q5 | examination may protect the company against unwarranted claims under workers compensation laws
  • Written
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Reference
Q6 | A systematic, integrated and planned approach to improve the effectiveness of groups of people in organizations is known as
  • Managerial Training
  • Management by Objectives
  • Organizational Development
  • Management Development
Q7 | The mental process to interpret environment as’ per one’s own understanding is known as:
  • Perception
  • Personality
  • Attitude
  • Ability
Q8 | Training of employees during a job iscalled
  • on the job training
  • off the job training
  • job instruction training
  • none of above
Q9 | Accessing employees’ telephones and computers for monitoring employees’ rate and accuracy is
  • critical incident method
  • forced distribution method
  • behaviorally anchored rating scale
  • electronic performance monitoring
Q10 | Comparison between what salary coworkers are getting for similar jobs is called
  • individual equity
  • pay rate equity
  • collective equity
  • procedural equity
Q11 | An availability of new ‘IT’ system to track succession planning is part of
  • phased retirement
  • preretirement counseling
  • talent management
  • modifying selection procedure
Q12 | To be effective a points-based rating system requires:
  • Comprehensive, reliable and consistent information
  • Objectivity in assessments
  • Close management control
  • 360? assessment
Q13 | Training involves
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training programmes
  • Developing suitable training programmes
  • Identification of training needs of the individuals and the company
  • All of the above
Q14 | Incentive and pay plan is tied to company’s overall profitability is called
  • fixed pay
  • variable pay
  • fixed-variable pay
  • mixed pay
Q15 | Drive is explained by
  • Any strong stimulus that impels action.
  • Any object, event exiting in the environment.
  • Anything that increases the repetition of behaviour.
  • None of the above
Q16 | Strike called by union labor when illegal practices are to be conducted by company’s employer is classified as
  • sympathy strike
  • wildcat strike
  • unfair labor practice strike
  • economic strike
Q17 | Corporate leaders in India in private sector are tempted by a very high target of and the concerned employees have to achieve the target for promotion and stability.
  • Money making
  • Business growth
  • Product development
  • Profit
Q18 | The human resource management functions aims at
  • ensuring that the ’human resources possess, adequate capital, tool equipment and material to perform the job successful
  • helping the Organisation deal with its employees in different stages of employment
  • improving an Organisation’s creditworthiness among financial institutions
  • Ensuring financial& Marketing Stability
Q19 | What is that describes the duties of the job, authority relationship, skills requirement, conditions of work etc.
  • Job analysis
  • Job enlargement
  • Job enrichment
  • Job evaluation
Q20 | The Job Characteristics Model is one ofthe most influential attempts to
  • Design jobs with increased motivational properties
  • Assign jobs with proper motivational properties
  • Analyse jobs with increase and proper motivation
  • Describe jobs with increase motivation for proper jobs
Q21 | Bargaining items that are neither mandatory nor illegal while negotiation parties do not compel each other for bargaining are classified as
  • voluntary bargaining items
  • permissible bargaining items
  • illegal bargaining items
  • both A and B
Q22 | Who creates and implements strategic change in an organization?
  • Directors
  • Consultants
  • H. R. Managers
  • Strategist
Q23 | Type of third party intervention in which an arbitrator dictates and determines terms of contract settlement is classified as
  • mediation
  • impasse
  • fact finder
  • arbitration
Q24 | The programme once installed must be continued on a permanent basis.
  • Job evaluation
  • Training& Development
  • Recruitment
  • All of the above
Q25 | Work experience and field of study are included in
  • working capital
  • human capital
  • compensation capital
  • size of working capital