Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 45

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 45

Q1 | Job Characteristics Model is proposed by ?
  • Hockman and Coldham
  • Hockman and Oldcham
  • Hackman and Oldham
  • Horkman and Olatham
Q2 | The outside third party who is brought into settle a dispute, and he or she has the authority to make a decision is called
  • Union
  • Government
  • Legal Expert
  • An Arbitrator
Q3 | Reviewing of data like productivity, absenteeism, down time and product quality is futile part of
  • planning
  • preparation
  • follow-up
  • active coaching
Q4 | The trusteeship approach to industrial relations was advocated by:
  • Karl Marx
  • Max Weber
  • Allan Flanders
  • Mahatma Gandhi
Q5 | Which test assesses an individual’s achievement and motivational levels?
  • Guilford - Zimmerman Temperament Survey
  • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality
  • Thurstone Temperament Survey
  • Thematic Apperception Test
Q6 | The following technique is used to evaluate an employee individually.
  • Graphic scale rating
  • Ranking
  • Paired comparison
  • Forced distribution
Q7 | Which of the following factors is one of the environmental factors affecting job description:
  • Workflow and culture
  • Autonomy and feedback
  • Employee availability and abilities
  • Culture and diversity
Q8 | The metric views human resource expenses in relation to the total operating expenses of the organization.
  • HR expense factor
  • human capital ROI
  • health care costs per employee
  • human capital value added
Q9 | Majority of the disputes in industries is (are) related to the problem of
  • Wages
  • Salaries
  • Benefits
  • All of the above
Q10 | Which of the following is not a reason for increasing workforce diversity?
  • Changing demographies
  • Product Quality Consciousness
  • Political and Legal Systems
  • Globalisation of Business
Q11 | Which one of the following does not include under the functions of human resource management?
  • Planning
  • Profitability
  • Organising
  • Recruitment
Q12 | Which one is part of Michael Porter’s generic strategies?
  • Focus strategy
  • Differentiation strategy
  • Cost leadership strategy
  • All of the above
Q13 | Relationship between HRM& Management?
  • Both are same .
  • Management is one aspect of HRM
  • HRM is one aspect of Management
  • No relationship exists
Q14 | A rating scale which enlists traits andperformance values is called
  • graphic rating scale method
  • management by objectives
  • alternation ranking method
  • in-house development
Q15 | Which is not a method of performanceappraisal?
  • Straight ranking method
  • Man-to-man comparison method
  • Check list method
  • None of the above
Q16 | Management development is concerned with learning of
  • Mechanical skills
  • Specific job skills
  • Conceptual and creative skills
  • All of the above
Q17 | Several jobs rated with individual ranking, comes under
  • combining ratings
  • ranking jobs
  • selection of compensable factors
  • grouping jobs
Q18 | Kind of arbitration in which parties are committed to accept award of arbitrator, can be best classified as
  • binding arbitration
  • non-binding arbitration
  • interest arbitration
  • rights arbitration
Q19 | In career development, providing timelyperformance feedback is a futile part of
  • individual role
  • manager role
  • employer role
  • line manager
Q20 | The concept of “End spurt” is associatedwith which of the following?
  • Morale
  • Fatigue
  • Monotony
  • Job satisfaction
Q21 | The process of the feedback is made upof phases.
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Q22 | A list of the duties, responsibilities, reporting relationship, working conditions and supervisory responsibilities of a job as a product of a job analysis is
  • Job enlargement
  • Job design
  • Job description
  • Job enlistment
Q23 | In career development, providing assignments that develop careers is part of
  • individual role
  • manager role
  • employer role
  • line manager
Q24 | Performance appraisal is
  • Morale boosting
  • Training and Development Activity
  • Job Analysis
  • None of the above
Q25 | Human resource can be thought of as “the total knowledge, skill, creative abilities, talents and attitudes of an organisation’s work force as well as the value attitudes and beliefs of the individuals involVed.” Who gave this statement?
  • Leon C. Megginson
  • Merton
  • Philip Kotler
  • D. Philopho