Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 4

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 4

Q1 | Stage in which people develop new roles such as confidantes of younger people is called
  • exploration stage
  • growth stage
  • midcareer crisis sub stage
  • decline stage
Q2 | People who have an artistic personality often chose career of
  • advertising executives
  • school administrators
  • investment managers
  • credit managers
Q3 | Which of the following is an invisible part but a powerful template that shapes, what happens at the workplace?
  • Organisational culture
  • Organisational climate
  • Organisational structure
  • Organisational dynamics
Q4 | Salary compression is a result of
  • monetary funds
  • interest rate
  • inflation
  • deflation
Q5 | Which of the following is not a labour legislation?
  • Factories Act
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Equal Remuneration Act
  • Untouchability Abolition Act
Q6 | Evaluation of trainee’s reactions to a training program is classified as
  • measuring reaction
  • measuring learning
  • measuring behavior
  • measuring results
Q7 | An organized effort by union members to exert pressure on company by pressurizing customers, shareholders, directors and creditors is called
  • wildcat campaign
  • impasse campaign
  • corporate campaign
  • picket campaign
Q8 | Types of interventions to overcome effectof impasse, included
  • fact finder
  • arbitration
  • mediation
  • all of above
Q9 | Which of the following refers to analysis of handwriting to determine writer’s basic personality traits?
  • Kinesics
  • Polygraphy
  • Graphology
  • None of these
Q10 | Job Evaluation is carried on by
  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • Both (A) and (B)
  • None of the above
Q11 | The biggest problem facing e-HR is the ?
  • rarity of HR
  • diversity of HR
  • security of HR data
  • sustainability of HR
Q12 | Kind of pension plan which follows a formula to determine retirement benefits isclassified as
  • defined benefit pension plan
  • defined contribution pension plan
  • defined noncontributory pension plan
  • deferred contribution pension plan
Q13 | Performance rating as good or bad on numerical rating scale is called
  • critical incident method
  • forced distribution method
  • behaviorally anchored rating scale
  • paired comparison method
Q14 | Retired officers of Indian Army are recruited by real estate firms is an example of
  • phased retirement
  • flexible work
  • honoring experience
  • modifying selection procedure
Q15 | Persistent failure for performing duties to meet job standards is categorized as
  • unsatisfactory satisfaction
  • insubordination
  • misconduct
  • lack of qualifications
Q16 | Name the Author of Equity Theory of Motivation.
  • Blake& Mouton
  • Strube& Garcia
  • Stancy Adams
  • Albert Bandura
Q17 | HRM is concerned with
  • Worker
  • Industrial relation
  • Field Staff
  • All employees
Q18 | Category which is not included in ‘organizational development’ is
  • techno structural
  • strategic applications
  • human process
  • consolidation of gains
Q19 | One who issues orders in chain of command outside their department is
  • staff managers
  • line managers
  • finance manager
  • both A and B
Q20 | The following is (are) included in salary survey.
  • Average salary
  • Inflation indicators
  • Salary budget averages
  • All of the above
Q21 | Which of the following have/has proven to be a particularly good predictor for jobs that include cognitively complex tasks?
  • intelligence tests
  • integrity evaluations
  • work sampling
  • behavioral assessment
Q22 | One of the external sources of recruitment is
  • Retired managers and employees
  • Dependents of deceased employees
  • Gate hiring
  • None of the above
Q23 | In Lewin organizational change process, ‘communication of shared vision’ is
  • unfreezing stage
  • moving stage
  • refreezing stage
  • all of above
Q24 | Ranking of job, based on difficulty is
  • job description
  • job specification
  • job evaluation
  • ranking method
Q25 | Occasional incentives such as bonuses, sales prizes are mostly paid with the
  • salary plan
  • commission plan
  • combination plan
  • proportionate plan