Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 36

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 36

Q1 | Generally in chain of command, no one can issue orders outside their own department is
Q2 | Tests are classified on basis of measurement of
Q3 | ‘HRD’ dimension which is measured with help of development of questionnaire is named as
Q4 | For continuous work growth, company’s direct, non-financial and financial payments are being received by employees, categorized as
Q5 | Changing behavior of employees by rewarding or punishing is called
Q6 | Period in which people act as mentors for younger employees is called
Q7 | Paired comparison method can be used by
Q8 | ‘HR’ activities lead to
Q9 | The goal of this stage of HR intranet site development is to provide employees with a truly individualized experience based on their individual profiles
Q10 | Hawthorne experiments were conducted at
Q11 | occurs when an interviewer judges an applicant’s entire potential for job performance on the basis of a single trait, such as how the applicant dresses or talks.
Q12 | In 360-degree feedback, ratings are collected from
Q13 | A stage which concludes major career reassessments is called
Q14 | When an employee harms a third party because of inadequate employee training, it is called
Q15 | In Vroom’s theory, motivation is a product of
Q16 | Fair procedures perceived for allocationof job pay rates is included in
Q17 | When constructing the ad, it is important to consider how to best ?
Q18 | Under method, common factors toall the jobs are identified.
Q19 | In Factor Comparison method, each factor is ascribed a
Q20 | A personnel plan requires forecast of
Q21 | Managers subscribing to assumptions attempt to structure, control and closely supervise their employees.
Q22 | Which of the following is not a TQM technique?
Q23 | Selection of the candidates is done out of
Q24 | Salary survey can be conducted through
Q25 | Opening retail stores, way ‘Apple’ has opened , a classic example of