Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 14

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 14

Q1 | Situation; when parties in negotiations are not able to settle negotiations further, classified as
Q2 | If there is no expectancy, instrumentalityand valence then there will be
Q3 | When planning for employment requirements, what must be forecasted?
Q4 | People in profession of carpenters can bebest classified as
Q5 | Who is associated with the ‘illumination experiment’ of the Hawthorne Experiment?
Q6 | When team-building can be attempted by creating artificial teams in which people get opportunity to experiment and learn from their behaviour in a less threatening context, it is based on:
Q7 | HR Department maintains records
Q8 | Lump sum payments given to employees, who move from one assignment to another are classified as
Q9 | Performance development plan is set for the employee by his immediate boss.
Q10 | In a career development, offering and discussing variety of paths for career development, included
Q11 | Strategic management process usuallyconsists of steps.
Q12 | Productivity means
Q13 | The objectives of HRM are categorized as ?
Q14 | Top managers’ salaries traditionally depend upon
Q15 | Who has started that “Collective bargaining is essentially a process in which employees act as a group in seeking to shape conditions and relationships in their employment
Q16 | The best hiring occurs when the goals of which of the following should consistent to each other?
Q17 | ‘process consultation’ is an example of
Q18 | A pay grade is comprised of
Q19 | The following is (are) the objective(s) of inspection.
Q20 | In management by objectives, goals are set by
Q21 | What may be called the starting points of the Human Relations theory?
Q22 | Formulating and executing HR systems that produce employee competencies and behaviors needed to achieve the company’s strategic aims is (are):
Q23 | Match the following Question Correct optionA. The monitoring stage 1. The firm identifies and confirms the overall business direction.B.The clarification stage 2. Investment on the human capital and the value placed by employees on this investment.C. The assessment stage 3. The firm checks the new system against strategy.D. The design stage 4. The firm plans the proposed changes into practice. The correct order is
Q24 | Helping retirees and preparing them for retirement is an aim of
Q25 | .... are authorized to direct the work of subordinates.