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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Photosynthesis Set 6

Q1 | The two enzymes responsible for primary carboxylation in C3 and C4 pathway, respectively are
Q2 | _______ are placed one above the other to form stack of coins
Q3 | Unidirectional flow of e- in non-cyclic photophosphorylation is
Q4 | The head and tail of chlorophyll are made up of
Q5 | The numbner of photons needed for the evolution of one molecule of oxygen is
Q6 | Action spectrum is
Q7 | C40H56O2 is molecular formula of
Q8 | Quantasome contains
Q9 | Erythrose monophosphate (4C) is formed during
Q10 | Donor and acceptor of electrons is the same chlorophyll molecule in
Q11 | If a photosynthsing plant releases O18, it is concluded that the plant has been supplied with
Q12 | Which of the following connet the primary and secondary processes of photosynthesis?
Q13 | C4 plants can perform photosynthesis
Q14 | In Hill’s experiment, Hill used ______ as oxygen acceptor,
Q15 | Fret channel is a another name for
Q16 | Bundle sheath chloroplast of C4 plants are
Q17 | In C3 pathway, out of 12 molecules of 3-PGAL, how many are used for regeneration of RuBP?
Q18 | A plant is kept in 300 ppm CO2 concentration. What will happen to it
Q19 | All plastids have essentially same structure because
Q20 | Give the correct name of indicated part A and B (CHART)
Q21 | Which animals have developed capacity of regeneration ?
Q22 | Sporulation occurs in...........
Q23 | Which plant reproduce vegetatively by roots ?
Q24 | Which plant performs vegetative reproduction with the help of floral buds ?
Q25 | Which part of the plant bryophyllum performs vegetative reproduction ?