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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Ecosystem Set 1

Q1 | What does following diagram indicate ?
  • Declining Population
  • Constant declining Population
  • Increasing Population
  • Stable Population
Q2 | Which option is not correct for the given diagram ?
  • It indicate decreasing population stable
  • It indicate stable population
  • The post-population age group people are more in number
  • The death rate is higher than birth rate
Q3 | A Snake feed on frog, the hawk feed on this snake. What is the place of snake in foodchain?
  • producer
  • primary consumer
  • secondary consumer
  • Tertiary consumer
Q4 | What is correct for the given diagram?
  • Pre- re productire group people are more in number
  • Post-re productive group people are more in number
  • Post-re productive group people are more less
  • In it-pre productive and post reproductive age- group are placed respectively.
Q5 | Orchid living on the tree is an example of ..............?
  • Parasitic
  • Predetor
  • Commensalism
  • Mutualism
Q6 | Population of which of the following will be highest in the foodchain?
  • Decomposer
  • Primary Producer
  • Photosynthetic organism
  • Secondary consumers
Q7 | System resulting from interaction of all the known living factors and populaton of all the species of a unit area is...
  • Ecology
  • Genetics
  • Science of plants and animal
  • Ecosystem
Q8 | Which of the following is the correct statement for food chain?
  • Every chain formed by nutritional relations , is used to understand energy flow.
  • Enery componet of the food chain forms trophic level.
  • Inter- relation amongest different food chain froms food web.
  • All of the given
Q9 | Which of the following uses maximum energy?
  • Primary comsumer
  • Secondary consumer
  • Decomposer
  • Primary Producers
Q10 | Through, whoch of the following, enery enters in an ecosyslem?
  • Herbivore
  • Producer
  • Decomposer
  • Primary producers
Q11 | Why is algae placed in first place of food chain ?
  • Algae is first to synthesize food.
  • Algae is first to consume food.
  • Every living organisam can utilize fo
Q12 | In which of the following wheat eating pegions included ?
  • Decomposer
  • Primary consumer.
  • primary producers
  • secondary consumer.
Q13 | which of the following is placed in upper most (highest) level of ecological pyramids.
  • Herbivore
  • Carnivors
  • Primary and Secondary Producers.
  • Primary and Secondary consumer.
Q14 | As we proceed in food chain, bio-mass.....
  • Remain Same
  • Decreases
  • Increases
  • Initially same and later keep decreasing.
Q15 | In ecosystem the source of energy is....
  • ATP
  • Sun
  • The Green plant
  • Sugar.
Q16 | Who is primary consumer of biotic community ?
  • Herbivores/ Grazing animal
  • Omnivores
  • Scavengers
  • Carnivores.
Q17 | In which of the following weeds are placed ?
  • Primary producer
  • Secondary consumer.
  • Primary consumer.
  • Decomposer.
Q18 | When does the energy flow start in an ecosystem ?
  • When material cycle starts
  • When sun rises
  • When any living organisam gain fo
Q19 | which of the following option is correct for storage place phosphorus and nitrogen respectively ?
  • Consumer
  • Parental rock and environment
  • Environment and producers
  • Environment and parental rock
Q20 | An individual ''x'' uses mashroom as food then in which trophic level mashroom and''x'' are included?Mashroom X Foodchain
  • Secondary Primary ? Detritivorous food chain
  • Primary Secondary? Detritivorous food chain
  • Primary Secondary ? Grazing food chain
  • Secondary Primary ? Grazing food chain
Q21 | Which of the following is trophic level of the orchid staying on mango tree ?
  • First
  • Tertiary/ Third
  • Second
  • Fourth
Q22 | It is correct for ecosystem.......
  • ( Plants, Animals, Microorganisms) + Abiotic environment
  • Community formed by various species present in a particular region.
  • Animal, plants and micro- organisms.
  • Abiotic factors
Q23 | What is the original source of energy for the living organisms ?
  • Carbohydrate
  • Sun light
  • ATP
  • Lipid
Q24 | In which of the following curd eating people are included ?
  • Producer
  • First ]1[s
  • Tertory 3[ ]rd
  • Second 2[ ]nd
Q25 | The functional efficiency of ecosystem is effected when decomposers are removed from it, because..
  • Energy flow will stop
  • Rest components decomposetion will become faster
  • Herbivous will not get sun light
  • Flow of nutrient will stop.