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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Microbes and Human Welfare Set 3

Q1 | Which organism is useful to produce Riboflavin ? (CBSEPMT 1999)
  • Arabia hossipae
  • Saccharhomyces Cervisiae
  • (a) & (b) both
  • None of them
Q2 | Bacillus thuringiensis is useful in.... (CBSEPMT 2005)
  • Bio fertiliser
  • Biometalogical
  • Biotoxic plant
  • Bio product plant
Q3 | Bio fertilizer means......
  • Crop which shows rapid growth
  • Cow dung and agricultural west
  • prepared by Anabaena and Nostoc
  • None of them
Q4 | Which pair is correct ? (Kerala PMT 2007)1 - Cynobacteria - Bio pestisides2 - Mychorriza - Absorption of phosphurus3 - Becillus thuringiensis - toxin4 - Single cell protien - Rhizobium
  • 2
  • 3
  • 1
  • 4
Q5 | Which pair is odd ? (CBSEPMT 2007)
  • Yeast - Ethenol
  • Penicillium - Penicillin
  • Methenogens - Biogas
  • Streptococus - Stetins
Q6 | What is value of BOD of sewage water in comparision to normal water ?
  • More
  • Less
  • Normal
  • Zero
Q7 | Which pair is correct ? (AIIMS 2003)
  • Rhizobium - Parasites of leguminous plant
  • Mychoriza - Absorbation of Phosphate
  • Yeast - Biogas production
  • Nostoc - Biofuel
Q8 | According to latest news BT cotton is widely cultivated, in that Bt cotton means....
  • Bigger thread variety
  • Cotton seeds treated with Barium
  • Produce by biotechnologycal enzymes ristiction endonueleus
  • Contains Endo toxin gene of B.T.
Q9 | Which are the main components of biogas ?
  • CH4 + CO2 + N2
  • CO2 + H2O
  • CH3 + O2
  • CO2 + H2
Q10 | Azospirillium and Azotobector for example of.....
  • Decomposer
  • Free living N2 fixative
  • Symbiotic N2 fixative
  • Pathogenes
Q11 | How the ethenol is produce in industrial field ?
  • Saecheromisi
  • Clostridium
  • Aspergillus
  • Streptomysis
Q12 | Which option provides fertiliser as well as energy ?
  • rhizobium
  • Biogas
  • Fuel Plant
  • All the given
Q13 | Which one is true information for toxin Bt ?
  • Bt protien contains active toxins in bacillus
  • Active toxin enters into the ovary of insects and makes it sterile so as to stop the reproduction.
  • Becillius contains antitoxin material
  • Toxic enters into the alimentary canal of insects which results lethal for the insect.
Q14 | By BOD which one is to be measured ?
  • Amount of organic matters of water.
  • Industrial waste of water Resources.
  • Amount of co which connected with Hb.
  • Amount of required O2 for dark reaction of green plants.
Q15 | Match the followingColumn-I Column-II(P) Cyclosporin-A (i) Rhizopus nigricans(Q) Hydroxi Projegteron (ii) Monoscus Purpureus(R) Stetins (iii) Arebia Gossipi(S) Riboflavin (iv) Trhichoderma polysporum
  • (P-iv) (Q-ii) (R-i) (S-iii)
  • (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iv)
  • (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iv)
  • (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-iii) (S-ii)
Q16 | Match the followingColumn-I Column-II(P) Aspergilus niger (i) Butyric acid(Q) Clostridium butiricum (ii) Acetic acid(R) Azatobactor (iii) Lactic acid(S) Lactobacillus (iv) Citric acid
  • (S-i) (P-ii) (Q-iii) (R-iv)
  • (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (P-iv)
  • (R-i) (P-ii) (Q-iii) (S-iv)
  • (P-i) (Q-ii) (S-iii) (S-iv)
Q17 | Match the followingColumn-I Column-II(P) Cynobacteria (i) N2-fixation(Q) Pseudomonas (ii) Biogas(R) Rhizobium (iii) Biofertilisersin peddy fields(S) Methenogens (iv) Quantam-4000
  • (R-i) (S-ii) (Q-iii) (P-iv)
  • (S-i) (Q-ii) (P-iii) (R-iv)
  • (R-i) (P-ii) (S-iii) (Q-iv)
  • (R-i) (S-ii) (P-iii) (Q-iv)
Q18 | Match the followingColumn-I Column-II(P) Blue green Algae (i) Pathogenes effect some arthropods(Q) Baculo virus (ii) Increase organic matters in soil(R) Bacillus thariengensis (iii) Bio control(S) Trichoderma (iv) Produced toxin
  • (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (P-iv)
  • (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv)
  • (Q-i) (P-ii) (R-iv) (S-iii)
  • (R-i) (S-ii) (P-iii) (Q-iv)
Q19 | Match the followingColumn-I Column-II(P) Streptokinase (i) To provent blood clotting(Q) Penicillin (ii) To decrease cholesterole(R) Stetins (iii) Immuno supressor(S) Cyclosporin-A (iv) Anti biotic
  • (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv)
  • (P-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (Q-iv)
  • (R-i) (P -ii) (Q-iii) (S-iv)
  • (S-i) (r-ii) (P-iii) (Q-iv)
Q20 | Match the followingColumn-I Column-II(P) BOD (i) Food for cattle(Q) Flocks (ii) Association of Bactaria and filaments of mold in water(R) Encilage (iii) Measure of the organic matter in a water(S) Biogas (iv) Anaerobic metabolisom on biowaste
  • (R-i) (Q-ii) (P-iii) (S-iv)
  • (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iii) (P-iv)
  • (P-i) (S-ii) (R-iii) (Q-iv)
  • (S-i) (P-ii) (S-iii) (R-iv)
Q21 | Match the followingColumn-I Column-II(P) Rhizobium (i) Leguminous(Q) Anabaena (ii) Autotroph N2-fixative(R) Azatobactor (iii) Freeliving N2-fixative(S) Glomus (iv) Phosphorus absorption(a) (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv) (b) (Q-i) (P-ii) (R-iii) (S-iv)(c) (P-iii) (Q-i) (R-ii) (S-iv) (d) (P-i) (Q-ii) (R-iv) (S-iii) Statement (A) and Reason (R) Type Question
  • Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A.
  • Both A and R are true but R is not correct explantion of A.
  • A is true but R is false.
  • A is false but R is true.
Q22 | Name the conjugated protein used as genetic material in living cells
  • Glyco protein
  • Nucleo protein
  • Metallo protein
  • Lip oprotein
Q23 | Who supported Griffith effect by molecular explanation ?
  • Hershay and chase
  • Watson, crick Ninenberg
  • Avery , Mc Carty and Macleod
  • Griffith and Avery
Q24 | Synthesis of nucleic acids always takes place in
  • 31 - 51 dicectioon
  • 51 - 31 direction
  • Both ways
  • in any direction
Q25 | What is called Griffith effect ?
  • DNA transcription
  • RNA translation
  • Bacterial transformation
  • Bacterial transduction