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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Body fluids and Circulation Set 3

Q1 | The posterior venacava
  • Divides into the hepataic portal veins
  • Opens into the left auricle
  • Commences at the kidney
  • Begins at the hind end of abdomen
Q2 | ‘Heart of heart’ is
  • SA - Node
  • AV - Node
  • Bundle of His
  • Purkinje fibres
Q3 | An oval depression called fossa ovalis is seen on
  • Inter atrial septum
  • Inter ventricular septum
  • Right auriculo - ventricular septum
  • Left auriculo - ventricular septum
Q4 | Which of the following statements is related to starling’s law of heart
  • Greatar the stroke volume greater is the heart rate
  • Greater the intial length of the cardiac muscle fibre, more the force of contraction of heart
  • Greater the minute volume, greater is the heart rate
  • Lesser the length of cardiac musle fibre greater is the force of contraction of heart
Q5 | An artificial pace - maker is implanted subcutaneously and connected to the heart in patients
  • Having 90 % blockage of the three main coronary arteries
  • Having a very high blood pressure
  • With irregularity in the heart rhythm
  • Suffering from arteriosclerosis
Q6 | The pace - setter in the heart is called
  • Purkinje fibres
  • SA - Node
  • Papillary muscle
  • AV - Node
Q7 | Cardiac output is determined by
  • Heart rate
  • Stroke volume
  • Blood flow
  • Both a & b
Q8 | Which of the following blood vessles has wide lumen
  • Renal vein
  • Post venacava
  • Renal artery
  • Right pulmonary artery
Q9 | In haemodialysis, patient’s blood is pumped from one of the arteries and mixing with X . Blood is purified and it is then pumped into vein of the patient after adding Y to it. X Y X Y
  • Heparin , Anti heparin
  • Prothrombin, Thrombin
  • antiheparin , Heparin
  • Prothrombin, Heparin
Q10 | , 2000, DPMT-86,MANIPAL-95)
  • Left atrium and left ventricle
  • Left atrium and Right ventricle
  • Right atrium and Left ventricle
  • Right atrium and Right ventricle
Q11 | Which one of the following vein breaks up into capillaries
  • Renal vein
  • Hepatic vein
  • Pelvic vein
  • Pulmonary vein
Q12 | Serotonin in the blood
  • Relaxes blood vessels
  • Prevents clotting of the blood
  • Helps in clotting of blood
  • Constricts blood vessels
Q13 | The artery can be distinguished from the vein in having
  • Thicker walls
  • More blood cells
  • More plasma
  • Larger cavity
Q14 | The pulse beat is measured by the
  • Artery
  • Capillary
  • Vein
  • None
Q15 | Carotid artery carries
  • Impure blood from brain
  • Oxygenated blood to anterior region of body or to brain
  • Impure blood to kidney
  • Oxygenated blood to heart
Q16 | Blood vessels carrying blood from lungs to heart
  • Pulmonary artery
  • Pulmonary vein
  • Carotid artery
  • Coronary artery
Q17 | The diaphragm is supplied blood by
  • Cardiac artery
  • Phrenic artery
  • Lingual artery
  • Lumber artery
Q18 | Iliac artery carries blood to the
  • Lungs
  • Ileum
  • Hind limb
  • Brain
Q19 | The structure of which of the following consist of a layer of single cell thickness
  • Blood capillary
  • Artery
  • Venule
  • Arteriole
Q20 | Make correct pairs.Column I Column II Column IIIP. Basophils T. 1 To 40 % i. Kill micro organismQ. Lymphocytes U. 40 to 70 % ii. Active phaagoacytesR. Neutrophils V. 20 to 45 % iii. Allergens]S. Acidophils W. 0 to 1 % iv. Immunity
  • (P-W-ii), (Q-V-iv), (R-U-ii),(S-T-i)
  • (P-T-ii),(Q-U-iv),(R-V-iii), (S-W-i)
  • (P-W-ii),(Q-V-iii),(R-T-i),(S-U-iv)
  • (P-V-i),(Q-U-iii),(R-W-iv),(S-T-ii)
Q21 | Make correct pairs :Column I Column IIP. water i. ImmunityQ. Fibrogen ii. Solvent of substanceR. Albumin iii. Blood clottingS. Globulin iv. Regulation of osmosisP Q R S P Q R S
  • ii iii iv i
  • i iv iii ii
  • ii iii i iv
  • iii ii iv i
Q22 | Make the correct pairs.Column I Column IIFactor IdentityP. IX i. ProaccelerinQ. XII ii. FibrinogenR. V iii. Chrimas factorS. I iv. Hagman factorP Q R S P Q R S
  • iv ii i iii
  • iii i ii iv
  • ii iv iii i
  • iii iv i ii
Q23 | Make the correct pairs.Column I Column IIP. Tricuspid valve i. Right ventricle - pulmonary trunkQ. Mitral valve ii. Left ventricle - arotaR. atrial - semilunar valve iii. Right atrium - right ventricleS. pulmonary - semilunar valve iv. Left atrium - left ventricleP Q R S P Q R S
  • iii iv i ii
  • iv iii i ii
  • iii iv ii i
  • iv iii ii i
Q24 | Make the correct pairs.Column I Time Column II PROCESSP. 0.40 Sec i. Blood of atrium flows in to ventricleQ. 0.10 Sec ii. Blood of ventricle flows into truncusarteriousR. 0.30 Sec iii. Phase of atrium and ventricle systoleS. 0.80 Sec iv. Total time of one cardiac cycleP Q R S P Q R S
  • iii i iv ii
  • iii i ii iv
  • iii ii i iv
  • i iii ii iv
Q25 | According to statements find the correct option :1. The composition of lymph is very much like that of the blood.2. Lymph is resposible for immunity.3. Lymphocytes added when lymph passes through small capillaries4. Lymph is contain less fibrinogen than blood plasma
  • FTFT
  • TTFT
  • TTTT
  • TTTF