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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Biomolecules-2 Set 1

Q1 | Aspartic acid and lysine are linkage each other with which bond:
  • Ester bond
  • Glycoside bond
  • Phosphodiaster bond
  • Peptide bond
Q2 | Match column – I and column –II and select the correct option:Column – I column – II(P)Arginine (i) polar and negatively changed ‘R’ group(Q) Glassine (ii) non polar ‘R’ group(R) Methionine (iii) polar and positively changed ‘R’ group(S) Aspartic acid (iv) polar and ‘R’ groupP Q R S
  • iii iv ii i
  • ii I iv iii
  • I iv ii iii
  • iii ii iv i
Q3 | Amino acids are attached each other with which bond?
  • Ester bonds
  • Hydrogen bonds
  • Sulphur bonds
  • peptide bonds
Q4 | Dipeptide means:
  • Two similar amino acids attached by peptide bond
  • Two dissimilar amino acids attached by peptide bond
  • Two similar or dissimilar amino acids attached by peptide bond
  • Two similar or dissimilar proteins attached by peptide bond
Q5 | Which macromolecule is the most diverse in cell and controlling biochemical Properties?
  • Polynucleotide
  • Polysaccharide
  • Polypeptide
  • polysomes
Q6 | The primary structure of proteins is due to
  • Ionic bonds
  • Peptide bonds
  • Hydrogen bond
  • S-S Linkages
Q7 | Proteins means
  • Micromolecule
  • Macromolecule
  • Soluble
  • Colloidal
Q8 | The structure of protein can be denatured by
  • At high temperature
  • In dilute solution of acid
  • In the presence of CO2
  • a, b, c all
Q9 | Polypeptide means:
  • A polypeptide chain is formed by more than two nucleotides
  • A polypeptide chains is formed by more than two amino acids
  • A polypeptide chains is formed by many similar amino acids
  • A polypeptide chain is formed by many similar nucleotides
Q10 | Which bimolecular fights against infectious organisms?
  • Lipid
  • Nucleic acid
  • Protein
  • Enzyme
Q11 | Which one of the following is an amphoteric compound?
  • Fatty acid
  • Glutamic acid
  • Nucleic acid
  • Cellulose
Q12 | Proteins Consist which one of the following
  • One polypeptide
  • One polypeptide chain
  • One or more polypeptide chain
  • One ? and other ?– chain
Q13 | Which one of the following statement about amino acid is incorrect?
  • They are classified on the basis of the ‘R’ group
  • The structure of almost all amino acids are similar except their ‘R’ group
  • All protein molecules are a heteropolymer of amino acid
  • They are very important compounds of cytoplasm
Q14 | Which of the following process is formed by – COOH linked to – NH2 (peptide bond)
  • Hydrogenation
  • Dehydrogenation
  • Reduction
  • Oxidation
Q15 | End of every polypeptide chain is known as:
  • Template
  • Signal
  • Antenna
  • Terminal
Q16 | Which are the terminals of polypeptide chain?
  • ‘R’ and ‘N’ terminal
  • ‘P’ and ‘R’ terminal
  • ‘H’ and ‘N’ terminal
  • ‘N’ and ‘C’ terminal
Q17 | The secondary structure of protein means
  • The flat and sheet like polypeptide chain
  • The helically coilde like polypeptide chain
  • The folding of polypeptide chain due to the presence of hydrogen bond
  • a, b, c all
Q18 | Which of the following is correct for the quaternary structure of protein?
  • It represents a three dimensional form of whole protein
  • It forms with interaction between different polypeptide Chain.
  • a and b both
  • It forms the three dimensional arrangement of the atoms within a single polypeptide chain
Q19 | Which is the correct option for the following diagram?
  • Fibrous protein
  • Globular protein
  • Polypeptide chain
  • Three dimensional form of protein
Q20 | What –‘X’ indicates in the given figure?
  • N-terminal
  • P-terminal
  • C-terminal
  • H-terminal
Q21 | What is the shape of the three dimensional structure of protein?
  • Flat sheet like
  • Globular
  • Fibrous
  • b or c
Q22 | Which of the following bond groups are involved in the formation of quaternary Protein?
  • Peptide bond, covalent bond
  • Disulphide bond, Ionic bond
  • Easter bond, phosphodiester bond
  • b and c both
Q23 | Which one is not correct for hemoglobin?
  • It is known as conjugated protein
  • It is the combination 0f 2- ? and 2-? chain
  • It is a protein which imparts color to the body
  • It is molecule which contains four hacme groups.
Q24 | Find out the miss matched pair
  • Melanin-imparts color to the body
  • Hemoglobin – transport of oxygen
  • Chlorophyll – must for photosynthesis
  • Immunoglobulin- responsible for movements of body
Q25 | Which of the following statement is incorrect about lmmunoglobulin?
  • It has the property of immunity
  • It consist of more than one polypeptide chain
  • It present in blood cell
  • b and c both