Molecular Basis of Inheritance Set 4

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Molecular Basis of Inheritance Set 4

Q1 | Whose experiments cracked the DNA and discovered unequivocally that a genetic code is a “triplet” (AIPMT - 2009)
  • Hershey and chase
  • Morgan and sturtevant
  • Beadle and Tatum
  • Nirenberg and Mathai
Q2 | Select the two correct statement out of the four statement given below about “ Lac opern”(AIPMT-2010)(i) Glucose or galactose may bind with the repressor and inactivate it(ii) In the absence of lactose the repressor bind with the operator region(iii) The Z -gene codes for permease(iv) This was elucidated by Francois Jacob and Jacques MonodThe correct statements are
  • ii and iii
  • i and iii
  • ii and iv
  • i and ii
Q3 | Which one of the following does not follow the central dogma of molecular biology ? (AIPMT - 2010)
  • Pea
  • Mucor
  • Chlamydomonas
  • HIV
Q4 | The lac opern consists of (AIPMT - 2010)
  • four regulatory genes only
  • One regulatory gene and three structural genes
  • Two regulatory genes and three structural genes
  • three regulatory genes and three structural genes
Q5 | The 31 - 51Phosphodiester linkages inside a potynucleotide chain serve to join AIPMT - 2010)
  • One DNA strand with the other DNA strand
  • One nucleoside with another nucleoside
  • One nucleotide with another nucleotide
  • One nitrogen base with pentose sugar
Q6 | Ribosomal RNA is actively synthesized by
  • Lysosomes
  • nucleolus
  • nucleoplasm
  • ribosomes
Q7 | If one strand of DNA has the nitrogenous base sequence as ATCTG, What would be thecomplementary RNA strand Sequence (AIPMT - 2012)
Q8 | Semiconservative DNA replication using 15 N was demonstrated by (AIIMS -1994)
  • Meselson
  • Taylor
  • Meselson and stahl
  • Hershey and chase
Q9 | In operan concept, the operator gene combines with (AIIMS -1986)
  • Regulator protein to switch off structural gene transcription
  • Regulator protein to switch on structural gene transcription
  • Inducer to switch off structural gene transcription
  • Regulator gene to switch off structural gene transcription
Q10 | Termination of polypeptide chain is brought about by
  • UUG , UAG and UCG
  • UAA , UAG and UGA
  • UUG , UGC and UCA
  • UCG , GCG and ACC
Q11 | RNA that picks up specific aminoacid from amino acid pool of cytoplasm to carry it to ribosome during protein synthesis is
  • t RNA
  • m RNA
  • r RNA
  • g RNA
Q12 | Correct sequenceof code transfer during polypeptide formation is (AIIMS -1999)
  • DNA , mRNA , t RNA and amino acids
  • DNA , t RNA , r RNA and m RNA
  • m RNA , t RNA , DNA and amino acids
  • r RNA , DNA ,m RNA and t RNA
Q13 | Best method to determine paternity is
  • Protein analysis
  • chromosome counting
  • gene counting
  • DNA finger printing
Q14 | DNA is copied from m-RNA molecule with help of
  • Restriction enzyme
  • Reverse transcriptase
  • DNA polymerase
  • Adenosine deaminase
Q15 | Nucleotide arrangement in DNA can be seen by
  • X - ray crystallography
  • Electron microscope
  • Ultra centrifuge
  • Light microscope
Q16 | Pneumococcus experiment proved that (AFMC - 1993)
  • Bacteria do not reproduce asexuallly
  • Bacteria undergo binary fission
  • DNA is genetic material
  • RNA may sometimes control a production of DNA and protein
Q17 | A DNA nucletotide chain has A G C T T C G A sequence The nucleotide sequence of other chain would be
  • T C G A A G C T
  • G C T A A G C T (AFMC - 1993)
  • T A G C A T A T
  • G A T C C T A G
Q18 | A functional unit in synthesis of protein is (MPPMT - 1994)
  • Lysosome
  • Peroxisome
  • Polysome
  • Dictyosome
Q19 | VNTR is employed for (AMU - 2002)
  • Protoplasmic culture
  • DNA finger printing
  • Regulation of plant growth hormones
  • Enhancing photosynthesis in desert plant
Q20 | Out of 64 codons 61 code for 20 types of aminoacids It is due to (CBSE - 2002)
  • Overlapping genes
  • Degeneracy of genetic code
  • Wobbling of codons
  • Universality of codons
Q21 | Okazaki fragments are joined by enzyme (Kerala 2005)
  • DNA helix
  • DNA ligase
  • DNA polymerase II
  • RNA polymerase II
Q22 | Heat killed pathogenic cells and live non pathogenic cells are mixed and injected into MiceThe result would be (Kerala - 2001)
  • Mice develop disease and die
  • Mice die without developing disease
  • Mice remain healthy
  • 50% mice develop discease and die
Q23 | Generally Cockroach is .......... or .......... colored insect, however in tropical regions, they havebeen reported to be .........., .......... and .......... colored.
  • Brown or red, Yellow, Green and White
  • Brown or Black, Yellow, Red and Green
  • Brown or Yellow, Red, Green and White
  • Red or Yellow, Brown, Green and Black
Q24 | In case of common species of Cockroach, Morphologically which statement is correct ?
  • The size of female is slightly bigger than male.
  • In both male and female, numbers of abdominal segments are different.
  • The size of male and female are equal.
  • The size of male is slightly bigger than female.
Q25 | Head of the Cockroach is formed by the fusion of .......... segments.
  • Six
  • four
  • two
  • eight