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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Locomotion and Movement Set 2

Q1 | How many bone are present in each middle ear of human ?
Q2 | How many vertebrae are present in the structure of vertebral column of human ?
Q3 | Where cervical vertebrae are found ?
Q4 | Which flat bone is present in the middle line of thorax region of human ?
Q5 | How many pairs of ribs are found in human ?
Q6 | How many true pairs of ribs are found in human ?
Q7 | How many False pairs of ribs are found in human ?
Q8 | Which are floating rib in human ?
Q9 | What is the number of thoracic vertebrae in human ?
Q10 | What is the number of bones present in each leg of human ?
Q11 | What is the formulae of phalanges of hand and leg of human ?
Q12 | What are the number of tarsal and metatarsal respectively in each limb of human ?
Q13 | How many bones are present in the axial skeleton of human ?
Q14 | How many numbers of carpals and metacarpals are present respectivly in each forelimb of human ?
Q15 | By which bone half part of the pectoral girdle is made ?
Q16 | By which structure complete pelvic girdle is formed ?
Q17 | What is incorporated in pelvic girdle ?
Q18 | Which bone is occurs in Shank ?
Q19 | What is the number of cervical vertebrae in human ?
Q20 | The number of tarsals in each limb of human ?
Q21 | By the help of what amoeboid movement is possible ?
Q22 | Which movement is seen in Paramoecium ?
Q23 | Through what the movement of internal organs of body occur ?
Q24 | It is type of non-striated muscles ?
Q25 | Which is the functional unit of voluntary muscles ?