Excretory Products and their elimination Set 2

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Excretory Products and their elimination Set 2

Q1 | As compared to efferent arterule the afferent arteriont of kidney is
Q2 | Diabities incipidus is due to
Q3 | Inflammation of joints due to accumulation of uric acid crystals is called as ...
Q4 | Protein rich diet bring about relatively no change in one of the following constituents of urine
Q5 | the least toric nitrogen waste of urine is
Q6 | Deamination is proccess in which ...
Q7 | Find the incorrect statement regarding mechanism of urine formation in man
Q8 | Transmination process takes place in
Q9 | According to solubility in water
Q10 | Passage of urine
Q11 | How many NH3 required for a urea...
Q12 | Loop of henle and collecting ducts are locketed in kidney is....
Q13 | The nature of nitroginious waste and their excretion depend on the large amount of
Q14 | A process takes place in PCT is
Q15 | In cortical nephrones (LOH = Loop of henle)
Q16 | Peritubuler is in
Q17 | Osmolarity of interstitial fluid in cortex is
Q18 | Urine produced by human kidney is concertratal by _________ times than the initial filtrate formed
Q19 | Involving mainly in RAAS
Q20 | Function of ANF is
Q21 | Renin is secreted by
Q22 | In Amoeba amonia is excreted by
Q23 | Angitensigngen I is secreted by
Q24 | Angitensinogen is converted in Angiotensin by
Q25 | Secretion of renin from JG cell is due to