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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Environmental Issues Set 6

Q1 | For the given statement which option is correct?_ans_key_Statement_ans_key_(X)Organic farming means agriculture with the help of chemicals._ans_key_(Y)500 members of Haryana Kissan welfare club have adopted this agricultural practice.
Q2 | For the given statement which option is correct?_ans_key_Statement_ans_key_(X)Deforestation is one of the important factor for global warming._ans_key_(Y)Green house gas CO2 increases due to deforestation. .
Q3 | How many molecules of ozone canbe decomposed by one atom of chlorine?
Q4 | Which gas is responsible for increase in atmosphere temperature?
Q5 | Slash and burn agriculture means..
Q6 | Which of the following is responsible for protection of living organism on earth?
Q7 | With respect to value of BOD, arrange the following in descending order._ans_key_i) Distilled water ii) Tap water_ans_key_iii)Industrial effluent iv)Sewage discharge in the river
Q8 | Domestic sewage with -------% impurities is unfit for human use.
Q9 | Green house Effect is the cumulative result of the influence of certain gases. Identify the gas which is not involved in the influence Karnataka2005
Q10 | If fertilizers are added to fresh water .. AIIMS2002
Q11 | With the help of electrostatic precipitator which Air pollutant produced by cement factory is separated?
Q12 | Which of the following does not occur when the sewage is discharged into the river?
Q13 | Alternative forms of a gene are called _____________.
Q14 | Heredity or inheritance of specific traits became clearer due to
Q15 | Which of the following sentences is true about the evolutionary process?
Q16 | Microevolution takes place due to
Q17 | The difference between Homo sapiens and the Homo erectus was ____. .
Q18 | By studying analogous structures we look for ______.
Q19 | __________ was a predecessor of Darwin and he developed the theory of acquired characteristics.
Q20 | Which of these is not a living fossil?
Q21 | Which of the following are not the examples of analogous structures?
Q22 | The scientist who cut off the tails of mice of successive generations to prove Lamarck's theory was wrong was _____.
Q23 | Human being belongs to the species of_____.
Q24 | Links between organisms that show branching pattern of evolutionary relationships are shownby_____.
Q25 | Speciation is the evolutionary process by which _____.