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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Environmental Issues Set 4

Q1 | In the water of flooded river what type of change is seen in BOD?
Q2 | The death of fishes due to Eutrophication is because of
Q3 | When huge amount of sewage is dumped in a river the BOD will
Q4 | The Montreal protocol was made effective from..
Q5 | What do you understand by greenhouse effect?
Q6 | In which sphere of atmosphere the ozone layer is seen?
Q7 | The release of phosphates and nitrates in lakes and ponds leads to
Q8 | Deforestation has an alarming effect on
Q9 | Amruta Devi Bishnoi Wild life Protection award has recently instituted for
Q10 | Which is the main factor of water pollution?
Q11 | Which one of these has highest levels of DDT deposition?
Q12 | Exhaust of motor vehicles produces pollutants like
Q13 | The stress reaction is caused by
Q14 | Deforestation may reduce the chances of…. (CBSE1990)
Q15 | Most severe environmental hazard to mankind is due to…. (DPMT1986)
Q16 | Which is biodegradable pollutant?
Q17 | According to government of India’s new policy what should be the level of aromatic hydrocarbons of the concerned fuel?
Q18 | What would have been the temperature of the earth without green house effect?
Q19 | Which is the native place of Bishnoi community?
Q20 | Formation of ozone hole is maximum over. .CBSE1997
Q21 | The main problem arose due to green revolution is…
Q22 | What is importance of catalytic converter?
Q23 | With the help of ____ SO2 is removed from the industrial exhaust?
Q24 | How much forest area is lost in tropics and temperate regions respectively?
Q25 | What is the rise in the temperature of earth since last three decades?