Breathing and Exchange of gases Set 5

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Breathing and Exchange of gases Set 5

Q1 | During inspiration (J.I.PME.R.2004,Orissa 2005,R.PMT.2005)
Q2 | Mountain sickness at high altitude is due to (C.P.M.T.2005)
Q3 | Capacity of human lungs for air in a healthy person is (Orissa 2005)
Q4 | Rate of breathing is controlled by
Q5 | During strenous exercise,glucose is converted into (B.H.U.2005)
Q6 | How much pulmonary air is expired normally (Har.P.M.T.2005)
Q7 | Which is incorrect ? (C.B.S.E.2006)
Q8 | Percenatage of oxygen being carried by blood plasma is (Orissa 2006)
Q9 | Column I represents diseases and column II represents their symptoms. Which of the following pairs are correct match for them (Guj.CE.T.2006) ColumnI ColumnII(P) Asthma (i) Recurring of bronchitis(Q) Emphysema (ii) Accumulation of W.B.CS in alveolus(R) Pneumonia (iii) Allergy(a) P = iii, Q = ii, R = i (b) P = iii, Q = i, R = ii(c) P = ii, Q = iii, R = i (d) P = ii, Q = i, R = iii
Q10 | :- Make the correct pairs.
Q11 | :- What is indicated by A and B respectivity in the figure?
Q12 | :- Where the A and B parys, Labeled in given figure are ended?
Q13 | :- What is indicated by “A” in figure ?
Q14 | :- Make the correct pairs.Columan-I Column-II(a) Bronchus i. Give passage to air toward alveoli(b) Alveoli ii. Give passage to air toward lung(c) Bronchioles iii. Give passage to air toward bronchus(d) Trachea iv. Perform exchange of air
Q15 | Approximately how many cells are present in the body of an adult person ?
Q16 | The period between two successive cell divisions in called........
Q17 | Which is fundamental property of all living organisms ?
Q18 | The two chromatids of a metaphase chromosome represents :
Q19 | With how many cell reproduction starts ?
Q20 | Which of the following is present in maximum number in an adult person ?
Q21 | What is synthesized during G2 – phase ?
Q22 | Synthesis of RNA and protein takes place in which phase of the cell cycle ?
Q23 | During which phase can nucleolus be observed clearly ?
Q24 | Which structure can be observed at the surface of centromere during metaphase ?
Q25 | Mitosis actually means……