Breathing and Exchange of gases Set 1

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Breathing and Exchange of gases Set 1

Q1 | The length of human trachea is about (Gujarat C.E.T.Q.B.)
Q2 | The trachea is supported by, cartilaginous rings,which are.........shaped
Q3 | Sound production in humans is controlled by
Q4 | A lung contains many small balloon like air sacs. are called.....
Q5 | The intake of air is called ?
Q6 | Intercostal muscles regulate the movement of
Q7 | The muscles present between ribs are called
Q8 | During exhalation, the diaphragm moves
Q9 | Respiratory control centres are loacted in
Q10 | The de-oxygenated blood from heart comes to the lungs by
Q11 | Oxygen containing blood transported from lungs is to heart by
Q12 | How much fraction of oxygen is transported to tissues through RBCs?
Q13 | H2 CO3 is converted into CO2 and H2O with the help of an enzyme known as
Q14 | The metal ion present in haemoglobin is
Q15 | One RBC can transport about how many molecles of oxygen?
Q16 | How many percentage of CO2 transport in the form of carbamino compounds ?
Q17 | The largest amount of CO2 is transported in blood as
Q18 | Chloride back-shift is associated with the transport of
Q19 | CO2 reacts with water to form
Q20 | Bronchitis is a
Q21 | Asthma is a disease of
Q22 | Flattening of alveolar ducts (tracheal vessels) results in
Q23 | Which of these protects the larynx
Q24 | Trachea terminates in
Q25 | In which form CO2 is not transported by blood plasma