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This set of Organisational Behaviour Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Personality Set 1

Q1 | Which strategy IMPROVES the reliability of a research design?
Q2 | Which of the statements below are FALSE?
Q3 | Which range best targets the number of "Central Traits" that have been identified?
Q4 | Which of the following examples is most likely to have a negative correlation?
Q5 | he Ancient Greeks hypothesized that there were 4 different personality characteristics. The fourcharacteristics are
Q6 | Sheldon proposed three different types of traits. The traits that would best describe a footballplayer would be:
Q7 | Which of the following would be an example of a correlational strategy of academic research?
Q8 | If you had a correlation of positive one, the related items would be:
Q9 | In analyzing data, measurements are sometimes categorical, for example "smiles" or "frowns". Thistype of measurement is called
Q10 | If you say that a movie is really good and you like it you would also assume that your best friendwould like it. What implicit personality theory is this?
Q11 | From the Big Five personality dimensions, behaviours such as speaking fluently, displayingambition, and exhibiting a high degree of intelligence is
Q12 | Psychologists seek to understand Robs personality through his thoughts, beliefs and their impacton his behavior in certain situations. This is known as the
Q13 | Devins personality is researched through 3 factors: extraversion, neuroticism and psychoticism.This personality trait model is called
Q14 | What type of personality focuses on how people adapt to everyday life and intervenes to improvethe lives of individuals through therapy?
Q15 | Which of the following would be a phenomenological approach to the study of personality?
Q16 | What is the trait approach to personality?
Q17 | William Sheldon suggested that body build was associated with personality traits. Which one bestdescribes a person whos sensitive and intellectual?
Q18 | Natali . What is the difference between nomothetic and idiographic approaches to personality?
Q19 | D What is one of the main assumptions of the trait approach to personality?
Q20 | Which of the following is NOT given as a criticism of the Type A/B personality theory?
Q21 | What is meant by ‘interactionism’ in personality psychology?
Q22 | There are ———- trait dimensions did Cattell propose?
Q23 | Which of the following are the aim of behavioural genetics is to learn about:
Q24 | Which of the following characteristics describe someone who, according to Maslow, is selfactualized?
Q25 | Which of the following is not a defence mechanism?