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This set of E-Commerce Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on E Commerce Set 20

Q1 | Which driver promote E-commerce
Q2 | Advantage of e-com is
Q3 | Which model of e commerce deals with virtual auction?
Q4 | When you look at e-commerce and e-business, which is the most realistic relationship between these two concepts?
Q5 | Social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular for sell-side e-commerce and would normally be considered to be in which category?
Q6 | A summary of how a company will generate a profit identifying its core product, target customers, position in the online marketplace, and projections for revenue and costs is known as:
Q7 | While search engines index registered sites which users search by inputting key words, which type of intermediary updates its content typically through text but can include video or audio delivered through RSS feeds?
Q8 | What are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and GoogleChrome examples of?
Q9 | A hardened firewall host on an Intranet is
Q10 | Advantages of B2C commerce are(i) Business gets a wide reach to customers(ii) Payment for services easy(iii) Shop can be open 24 hours a day seven days a week(iv) Privacy of transaction always maintained
Q11 | Disadvantages of e-Commerce in India are(i) internet access is not universally available(ii) credit card payment security is not yet guaranteed(iii) transactions are de-personalized and human contact is missing(iv) cyberlaws are not in place
Q12 | Most common uses of the Internet and the Web include communicating, shopping,
Q13 | The __________ is the multimedia interface to resources available on the Internet.
Q14 | The multimedia interface to the resources available on the Net is called the
Q15 | Rules for exchanging data between computers are called
Q16 | Moving from one Web site to another is called
Q17 | ____________ are networks that connect people within a company to each other and to thecompany network.
Q18 | E-money is a ……………. medium for making payments
Q19 | Acid testis a set of properties of money transfer that include
Q20 | In…………………., each transaction must be independent
Q21 | In ICES test, C means
Q22 | Electronic payment is a financial transaction made …………. the use of paper documents
Q23 | Electronic payment media can be grouped into
Q24 | ………………is a type of EPS
Q25 | Smart card is same as…….