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This set of General Science Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Chemistry Set 7

Q1 | Which among the following is known as Quick Lime?
Q2 | In which among the following forms, Nitrogen is present in Urea?
Q3 | ?Oil of mirbane? is the most common name of which among the following?
Q4 | Which among the following substances is most suitable for making Compact Discs?
Q5 | What is the common name of analgesic and antipyretic drug acetylsalicylic acid?
Q6 | Some plants are ?carnivorous‘ due to their adaptation to grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen.In this context, consider the following plants:1.Utricularia2.Nepenthes3.DionaeaWhich of the above plant(s) is/are carnivorous?
Q7 | SodiumPotassiumWhich among the above plays a vital role in restoring the body fluid?
Q8 | Which among the following was the first vaccine ever to be developed?
Q9 | Bowman‘s Capsule‘ works as a part of the functional unit of which among the following human physiological system?
Q10 | Which of the following Vitamins of the ?B-Complex‘ are correctly paired with their respective names?1. Vitamin B2-Riboflavin2. Vitamin B3-Niacin3. Vitamin B7-Biotin4. Vitamin B12-Cyanocobalamine
Q11 | Plants which are adapted to grow in soils containing high concentration of salt are known as:
Q12 | Which among the following have a ?mixed heart‘ ,that is the heart in which the oxygenated and the deoxygenated blood is mixed?
Q13 | Pancreas‘ functions as an:1. Endocrine gland2. Exocrine gland
Q14 | Saffron‘ is obtained from which among the following parts of the plant?
Q15 | Which among the following factors are essential for ?blood coagulation‘?1.Vitamin K2.Calcium ions (Ca++)3.Christmas factor
Q16 | Which among the followingis/are correctly paired:1.Ginger:Tuber2.Potato:Rhizome3.Onion:Bulb
Q17 | The bacterium ?Escherichia coli‘ is found mainly in:
Q18 | Which among the following is not a ?heriditary‘ disease?
Q19 | Human Papilloma Virus is related to which of the following diseases?
Q20 | The nutritional supplements Spirulina, Chorella and the Vitamin-C supplement, Dunaliellaare actually:
Q21 | Anemophily‘ is pollination by :
Q22 | Pest-resistant cotton commonly known as ?Bt-Cotton‘ is genetically engineered by inserting a gene from a:
Q23 | Penicillin‘ which is used as an antibiotic is obtained from :
Q24 | The instrument that measures arterial blood pressure is known as :
Q25 | Meg-1 is an imprinted gene which finds expression only from maternal chromosomes which regulates the transfer of nutrients from the plant to the seed. This gene has been discovered in: