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This set of Machine Learning (ML) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Machine Learning Set 4

Q1 | Suppose we train a hard-margin linear SVM on n > 100 data points in R2, yielding a hyperplane with exactly 2 support vectors. If we add one more data point and retrain the classifier, what is the maximum possible number of support vectors for the new hyperplane (assuming the n + 1 points are linearly separable)?
Q2 | Let S1 and S2 be the set of support vectors and w1 and w2 be the learnt weight vectors for a linearlyseparable problem using hard and soft margin linear SVMs respectively. Which of the following are correct?
Q3 | Which statement about outliers is true?
Q4 | If TP=9 FP=6 FN=26 TN=70 then Error rate will be
Q5 | Imagine, you are solving a classification problems with highly imbalanced class. The majority class is observed 99% of times in the training data. Your model has 99% accuracy after taking the predictions on test data. Which of the following is true in such a case?1. Accuracy metric is not a good idea for imbalanced class problems.2.Accuracy metric is a good idea for imbalanced class problems.3.Precision and recall metrics are good for imbalanced class problems.4.Precision and recall metrics aren’t good for imbalanced class problems.
Q6 | he minimum time complexity for training an SVM is O(n2). According to this fact, what sizes of datasets are not best suited for SVM’s?
Q7 | Perceptron Classifier is
Q8 | Type of dataset available in Supervised Learning is
Q9 | which among the following is the most appropriate kernel that can be used with SVM to separate the classes.
Q10 | The SVMs are less effective when
Q11 | Suppose you are using RBF kernel in SVM with high Gamma value. What does this signify?
Q12 | What is the precision value for following confusion matrix of binary classification?
Q13 | Which of the following are components of generalization Error?
Q14 | Which of the following is not a kernel method in SVM?
Q15 | During the treatement of cancer patients , the doctor needs to be very careful about which patients need to be given chemotherapy.Which metric should we use in order to decide the patients who should given chemotherapy?
Q16 | Which one of the following is suitable? 1. When the hypothsis space is richer, overfitting is more likely. 2. when the feature space is larger , overfitting is more likely.
Q17 | Which of the following is a categorical data?
Q18 | The soft margin SVM is more preferred than the hard-margin SVM when-
Q19 | In SVM which has quadratic kernel function of polynomial degree 2 that has slack variable C as one hyper paramenter. What would happen if we use very large value for C
Q20 | In SVM, RBF kernel with appropriate parameters to perform binary classification where the data is non-linearly seperable. In this scenario
Q21 | Which of the following is true about SVM? 1. Kernel function map low dimensional data to high dimensional space. 2. It is a similarity Function
Q22 | What is the Accuracy in percentage based on following confusion matrix of three class classification.Confusion Matrix C=[14 0 0][ 1 15 0][ 0 0 6]
Q23 | Which of the following method is used for multiclass classification?
Q24 | Based on survey , it was found that the probability that person like to watch serials is 0.25 and the probability that person like to watch netflix series is 0.43. Also the probability that person like to watch serials and netflix sereis is 0.12. what is the probability that a person doesn't like to watch either?
Q25 | A machine learning problem involves four attributes plus a class. The attributes have 3, 2, 2, and 2 possible values each. The class has 3 possible values. How many maximum possible different examples are there?