Information Systems And Engineering Economics Set 11

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This set of Information systems and engineering economics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Information Systems And Engineering Economics Set 11

Q1 | operational decisions are
Q2 | Types of Communication are
Q3 | FOIS stands for
Q4 | CMS stands for
Q5 | ICMS stands for
Q6 | Management information systems (MIS)
Q7 | The term used to describe those people whose jobs involve sponsoring and funding the project to develop, operate, and maintain the information system is
Q8 | If a university sets up a web-based information system that faculty could access to record student grades and to advise students, that would be an example of a/an
Q9 | Which of the following is not a technology driver for an information system?
Q10 | Which of the following is a deliverable of the system implementation phase in a formal system development process?
Q11 | When a bank offers web self-service for customers to answer their questions, the primary outcome is:
Q12 | The general transformation cycle for information is:
Q13 | The most important attribute of information quality that a manager requires is:
Q14 | To improve the performance of a business process, which of the following is most relevant?
Q15 | The majority of publically available Internet information sources are:
Q16 | Records management:
Q17 | Which of the following statements describes a taxonomy?
Q18 | Information systems that support the business functions that reach out to suppliers are known as:
Q19 | Which is not a typical business function?
Q20 | Project Management ensures that
Q21 | Which of the following is NOT a feasibility analysis criterion?
Q22 | IT has impacts as
Q23 | A centralised system keeps decision making firmly at the top of the hierarchy
Q24 | Centralised IT management system best suited for
Q25 | Decentralised IT management system best suited for