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This set of Surveying Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Surveying Set 10

Q1 | Full form of RTK is…
Q2 | Types of GPS maps is:
Q3 | Anroid map used by GPS is:
Q4 | What type of surveys needs to fix the boundaries of municipalities and of state and federaljurisdictions?
Q5 | Determining different strata in the earth’s crust is called as_______
Q6 | Metric chains are generally available in _________
Q7 | What triangles are generally preferred to get good results in plotting?
Q8 | Survey lines must be as few as possible is the condition to be fulfilled by survey lines or surveystations.
Q9 | When it is possible to chain round the obstacle, i.e a pond, hedge etc. This case comes under which among the three kinds of obstacles to chaining?
Q10 | In surveyor’s compass, graduations are in a Q.B system.
Q11 | Two contour lines of different elevations cannot cross each other.
Q12 | A series of straight parallel and equally spaced contours represent ________
Q13 | Contour lines cross a watershed or ridge line at _____
Q14 | In plane table surveying, plotting and recording of values are done simultaneously.
Q15 | Orientation of table involves which among the following?
Q16 | Levelling deals with measurements in a ______
Q17 | Which line is normal to the level line at a point?
Q18 | For removing the parallex,
Q19 | An imaginary line joining the point of intersection of the cross-hairs of the diaphragm and the optical centre of the object glass, is known as
Q20 | At the magnetic poles, the amount of dip is
Q21 | Collimation method is used in
Q22 | The autogenous curve of an automobile corresponds to a
Q23 | In a lemniscate curve, the angle between the tangent at the end of the polar ray and the tangent at the commencement of the curve (i.e. straight) is
Q24 | The mimiting length of the offset is
Q25 | The value of additive constant for the tacheometer varies from