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This set of .NET Programming Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Net Programming Set 2

Q1 | Which does the solution explorer not display?
  • Form Properties
  • Reference Folder
  • Form File
  • Assemble File
Q2 | The Button control can be activated:
  • programmatically through the click event.
  • by clicking the button with the mouse.
  • with the form’s DefaultButton property.
  • Both a and b.
Q3 | Which sequence of char data types is listed from lowest to highest?
  • a, A, z, Z
  • a, z, A, Z
  • A, a, Z, z
  • A, Z, a, z
Q4 | The Boolean data type:
  • is unsigned.
  • has two states.
  • is displayed by the program as yes or no.
  • Both a and b.
Q5 | VB.Net identifiers:
  • are case sensitive.
  • can begin with an underscore.
  • can begin with a number.
  • Both a and b.
Q6 | The proper operator precedence, from first to last, is:
  • logical, comparison, and arithmetic.
  • arithmetic, comparison, and logical.
  • arithmetic, logical, and comparison.
  • comparison, arithmetic, and logical.
Q7 | With A = False and B = True, which statement evaluates as True?
  • A AND A
  • A AND B
  • B AND A
  • B AND B
Q8 | Which operator is evaluated first?
  • NOT
  • AND
  • XOR
  • OR
Q9 | In the For…Next statement the default value for the Step is:
  • -1
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
Q10 | Which is a type of procedure found in VB.Net?
  • Event
  • Function
  • Sub
  • All of the above.
Q11 | A sub procedure is valuable because it:
  • makes code easier to maintain.
  • splits the logic to solve a problem into small, manageable units.
  • limits the number of times the code can be accessed.
  • Both a and b.
Q12 | Which method will return the number of elements in an array?
  • Dimension
  • Length
  • Number
  • Size
Q13 | What is required to reference an element in an array?
  • Array name
  • Index value of the element
  • Element value
  • Both a and b.
Q14 | Which method will arrange the elements of an array in alphabetical order?
  • Arrange
  • Assemble
  • Order
  • Sort
Q15 | Which dialog control allows the user to zoom in on a document?
  • PrintDialog
  • PrintPreview
  • PageSetupDialog
  • Both a and b.
Q16 | Which is not an ADO.NET DataAdapter Object?
  • OleDbDataAdapter
  • SQLDataAdapter
  • QueryDataAdapter
  • Both a and b.
Q17 | Where does a web application reside?
  • Web client
  • Web server
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Both a and b.
Q18 | Which is an example of a web document?
  • Server script
  • Web page
  • Client browser
  • Both a and b.
Q19 | A postback occurs when:
  • a browser posts a form to the server.
  • a user’s action activates the handing of a server event.
  • a server posts a form to the client.
  • Both a and b.
Q20 | Which set of symbols are used to signify the presence of ASP.NET code?
  • <@
  • <#
  • <$
  • <%
Q21 | Which is the file extension used for an ASP.NET file?
  • asn
  • asp
  • aspn
  • aspx
Q22 | What is the extension for a Visual Basic web form interface file?
  • .asp
  • .aspx
  • .asp.vb
  • .aspx.vb
Q23 | When an ASP.NET file is placed on an IIS server and viewed through a browser, the resulting HTMLpage contains:
  • all ASP.NET code.
  • as much ASP.NET code as is in the ASP.NET file.
  • a mix of ASP.NET and HTML code.
  • all HTML code.
Q24 | What is the extension for a Visual Basic web form code file?
  • .asp
  • .aspx
  • .asp.vb
  • .aspx.vb
Q25 | Which HTML tag creates a link to another browser page?
  • A href
  • A ref
  • An href
  • An ref