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This set of C#.NET Programming Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Cnet Programming Set 1

Q1 | The compiled version of a VC#.NET program will be in_______________.
  • Machine code
  • IL code
  • Byte code
  • None of these
Q2 | The purpose of JIT compiler is to convert____________.
  • VC#.NET source code IL code
  • IL code to byte code
  • IL code to managed native code
  • None of these
Q3 | The Garbage Collection solves_____________.
  • Memory leakage problem
  • DLL hell problem
  • Both a & b
  • None of these
Q4 | The code that requires the CLR at runtime for the execution is known as the ________.
  • IL code
  • Managed code
  • Binary code
  • One of these
Q5 | Which one of the following JIT compilers produce highly optimized code?
  • Econo JIT
  • Standard JIT
  • Pre JIT
  • None of these
Q6 | The VC#.NET language________________.
  • Solves the memory leakage problems.
  • Solves the DLL hell problems.
  • Has very good correspondence with the IL language.
  • All the above.
Q7 | Home page in VS.NET is also known as__________.
  • Default page
  • Start page
  • First page
  • Welcome page
Q8 | The ______________ enables to move through the code very quickly.
  • Class view window
  • Solution explorer window
  • Code window
  • none of these
Q9 | In VC#.NET project files are grouped into a _____________.
  • Workspace
  • Namespace
  • Solution
  • Package
Q10 | Which one of the following statements about code debugging is correct?
  • Debugger helps us to step through our code, one line at a time.
  • Breakpoints can be set by pressing F9 function key.
  • Breakpoints can be set by left-clicking in the left margin area at the line where we want to set the breakpoint.
  • a, b and c are correct.
Q11 | The arrays involved in a jagged array_____________.
  • Should be of same size.
  • May be of different sizes.
  • Are not known as subarrays.
  • None of these.
Q12 | The parameters of a method __________.
  • Help us to pass information to a method.
  • Help us to get information from a method.
  • Help us to pass information to and from a method.
  • None of these.
Q13 | The ref type parameters are____________.
  • “Input only” parameters.
  • “Input / Output” parameters.
  • “Output only” parameters.
  • None of these.
Q14 | The out type parameters can be used_______________.
  • Only to pass back a result to the calling functions.
  • Only to send information to the called function.
  • To pass data to the called method and receive information from the called method.
  • None of these.
Q15 | In case of the Params type parameter____________.
  • Only output can be sent.
  • The number of arguments is variable.
  • Both input and output can be handled.
  • None of these.
Q16 | An instance class member is referred by using the format____________.
  • Object name. Class member name.
  • Class name. Class member name.
  • Object name. Class member name or class name. class member name.
  • None of these.
Q17 | Overloaded constructors will have________.
  • Different names
  • Different parameter lists
  • Different return types
  • none of these.
Q18 | A static constructor_____________.
  • Is executed when the class is loaded.
  • Can be accessed through an object name.
  • Can be executed any number of times.
  • Can have its own destructor.
Q19 | A property________________.
  • Should have a get method.
  • Should have a put method.
  • Should have both get and put methods.
  • Should have either a get method or put method.
Q20 | An indexer________________.
  • Enables us to access a property through index.
  • Can have user-defined name.
  • Is identified by its name.
  • Cannot be overloaded.
Q21 | A namespace can contain___________.
  • Classes
  • Namespaces
  • Classes and namespaces
  • None of these.
Q22 | The alias should have
  • Improve the readability of the code.
  • Avoid name clashes.
  • Saves you typing out very long strings.
  • All the above.
Q23 | In the case of a component,
  • Reusability is possible.
  • Code will be in IL format.
  • The extension is dll.
  • All the above.
Q24 | In case of components and namespaces,
  • Several classes may be present in a component.
  • Classes contained in different source files may be part of same namespace.
  • Classes contained in a source file may be from different namespaces.
  • All the above.
Q25 | In the case of access modifiers___________.
  • Private and protected access modifiers can be specified for a class.
  • Public access modifier can be specified for a class.
  • The scope of the internal access modifier is the namespace.
  • None of these.