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This set of Anatomy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Anatomy Set 3

Q1 | Following are the features of broncho pulmonary segment EXCEPT;
Q2 | Tract present in superior. cerebellar peduncle is
Q3 | The nucleus located deep to facial colliculus is
Q4 | Gland receiving secretomotor fibres from pterygo palatine ganglion is -
Q5 | Following are the contents of carpal tunnel EXCEPT;
Q6 | Nerve responsible for fine movements of hand is
Q7 | Posterior cord of brachial plexus gives following branches EXCEPT;
Q8 | Pulsations of the femoral artery can be felt at
Q9 | Following muscles are supplied by femoral nerve EXCEPT
Q10 | Following are the sites of internal haemorrhoids EXCEPT;
Q11 | Ansa cervicalis innervates which muscle
Q12 | Muscle derived from 2nd arch of mesoderm is
Q13 | Foramen secundum is a gap in
Q14 | Following are tributaries of cavernous sinus EXCEPT
Q15 | Nerve carrying sense of taste from circumvallate papillae is
Q16 | Sensory nerve for larynx above the level of vocal cord is
Q17 | Cornea lacks all EXCEPT
Q18 | Internal mammrry artery supplies all EXCEPT
Q19 | Chromosome constitution of secondary oocyte is
Q20 | Following individuals show presence of Barr body EXCEPT