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This set of Anatomy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Anatomy Set 2

Q1 | Following are the single gene disorders EXCEPT;
Q2 | Nerve supply of pyramidalis muscle is
Q3 | Branchial efferent column in pons innervates muscles of
Q4 | Cerebellum sends efferent fibres to each of the following EXCEPT;
Q5 | The major neurotransmitter secreted in substantia nigra is
Q6 | Following muscles are inserted into greater trochanter of femur EXCEPT;
Q7 | Following bones take part in lateral longitudinal arch EXCEPT;
Q8 | First tributary of internal jugular vein is
Q9 | Nerve supplying the skin over the mandible is
Q10 | Calcitonin is secreted by
Q11 | Following are the contents of middle ear cavity EXCEPT;
Q12 | Which nerve injury results in ptosis
Q13 | Following structures represent derivatives of dorsal mesogastrium EXCEPT;
Q14 | Following structures form stomach bed EXCEPT;
Q15 | Structure crossed by root of mesentry is
Q16 | Nerve carrying secretomotor fibres for parotid gland is
Q17 | The corneal reflex is absent in the lesion of
Q18 | Average diameter of ureter is
Q19 | Lymph nodes receiving lymphatics from testis are-
Q20 | All are the contents of spermatic cord EXCEPT;
Q21 | Following muscles are the abductors of eye EXCEPT;
Q22 | Disc between which vertebra corresponds to the highest point on the iliaccrest?
Q23 | Following muscles produce medial rotation of humerus EXCEPT;
Q24 | Damage to which nerve results in an inability to oppose thumb to the littlefinger?
Q25 | Following structures are related to mediastinal surface of left lungEXCEPT;