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This set of Anatomy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Anatomy Set 1

Q1 | Which of the following structures is likely to get damaged when the semiflexedknee is suddenly rotated medially
Q2 | Trendelenberg's test is positive in following conditions EXCEPT;
Q3 | Gyrus occupying Broca's speech area is
Q4 | In midbrain following structures are found at the level of occulomotor nerve nucleus
Q5 | Following are all the features of cerebellar lesions EXCEPT
Q6 | The nerve having Edinger Westphall nucleus as its component is
Q7 | Pharyngotypanic tube connects the middle ear cavity with
Q8 | Only abductor of vocal cords is
Q9 | Sensory nerve for upper lip is
Q10 | Structure passing deep to hyoglossus is
Q11 | Lining epithelium of lung alveolus is
Q12 | Commonest type of inversion of testes is
Q13 | Following are the contents of inguinal canal in males EXCEPT;
Q14 | Conjoint tendon is formed by
Q15 | Commonest position of appendix is
Q16 | Nerve piercing and lying on psoas major is
Q17 | 2nd part of duodenum is developed from
Q18 | Transverse colon develops from-
Q19 | Following are the boundaries of epiploeic foramen EXCEPT;
Q20 | Left testicular vein drains in
Q21 | All are the contents of supeficial perineal pouch EXCEPT;
Q22 | Abnormal lateral curvature of vertebral column is known as
Q23 | Which of the following nerves is involved in fracture neck humerus?
Q24 | Following muscles produce elevation of scapula EXCEPT;
Q25 | Following veins are tributaries of portal vein EXCEPT ;