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This set of Mass Transfer Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mass Transfer Set 4

Q1 | Moisture in a solid exerting an equilibrium vapour pressure equal to that of the pure liquid at the same temperature is called the __________ moisture.
Q2 | Swenson-Walker crystalliser is a __________ unit.
Q3 | For a binary mixture distillation process, the degree of freedom is 2. However, if the pressure is fixed in this process, the number of independent variables in this process will be
Q4 | Calculation of mass transfer co-efficient is mostly/normally done using __________ theory.
Q5 | With increase in temperature, the leaching rate increases because of the
Q6 | Relative volatility varies with the concentration of component for an ideal solution. The relative volatility of a binary mixture may be defined as the ratio of vapor pressure of component 'A' to that of component 'B', when
Q7 | Which one of the following devices is not used for both the absorption as well as the liquidliquid extraction processes?
Q8 | Penetration theory relates the average mass transfer co-efficient (K) with diffusivity (D) as
Q9 | Pick out the wrong statement.
Q10 | For water-ethanol system, the minimum reflux ratio
Q11 | Polar organic compounds are normally used as separating agents for the azeotropic and extractive distillation. Which of the following is the most important factor to be considered for the choice of the separating agent for extractive distillation?
Q12 | At 750°K and 1 atm, the approximate value of Schmidt number for air is
Q13 | What is the degree of freedom of an absorption process in which only one component is transferred between phases?
Q14 | Rayleigh equation applies to __________ distillation.
Q15 | In a vapor-liquid contacting equipment, the overall gas phase mass transfer co-efficient (M.T.C), KG is related to individual co-efficients (KG and KL) as
Q16 | Leaching of coarse solid lumps is also termed as
Q17 | Which of the following can be calculated theoretically using steam table and Dalton's law of partial pressure; if the relative humidity and dry bulb temperature of moist air is known?
Q18 | Danckwerts developed the __________ theory.
Q19 | Steam distillation is used to
Q20 | When an unsaturated air-water mixture is heated at constant pressure, then
Q21 | Flash distillation is
Q22 | Mechanism of moisture removal in case of freeze drying of food stuff is by
Q23 | Molality is defined as the number of gm moles of solute per __________ of solvent.
Q24 | When the mixture to be distilled has a very high boiling point and the product material is heat sensitive, the separation technique to be used is __________ distillation.
Q25 | Alcohol is dehydrated using __________ distillation.