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This set of Mass Transfer Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mass Transfer Set 15

Q1 | (NRe . NSc) is termed in mass transfer operation as the __________ number.
Q2 | At a given equilibrium pressure, with increase in temperature, the concentration of adsorbed gas on solid adsorbent
Q3 | With lapse of time, the overhead composition of light component in case of batch distillation with constant reflux
Q4 | HETP is numerically equal to HTU, only when the operating line
Q5 | The operation involved when the soluble material is largely on the surface of an insoluble solid and is merely washed off by the solvent is called
Q6 | __________ number indicates the ratio of the rates of the heat and mass transfer incase of acooling tower.
Q7 | The recovery of penicillin from the acidified fermentation broth is done by
Q8 | Drift in a cooling tower is
Q9 | In McCabe-Thiele method, at infinite reflux ratio
Q10 | Gaseous diffusivity at atmospheric pressure is of the order of __________ cm2/second.
Q11 | Absorption factor, for a fixed degree of absorption from a fixed amount of gas should be
Q12 | Pick out the wrong statement.
Q13 | Molarity is defined as the number of gm moles of solute per __________ of solvent.
Q14 | If Rm is the minimum reflux ratio, the optimum reflux ratio may be around __________ Rm.
Q15 | Adsorption is a unit operation which generally involves __________ systems.
Q16 | Surface renewal model of mass transfer was enunciated by
Q17 | Agitator is provided in a crystalliser for
Q18 | Which of the following adsorbent is used to decolourise yellow glycerine?
Q19 | Lewis number, which is important in problems involving simultaneous heat and mass transfer, is the ratio of
Q20 | Binary distillation involves the mass transfer by __________ at the gas-liquid interface.
Q21 | Corresponding to Nusselt number in heat transfer, the dimensionless group in masstransfer is the __________ number.
Q22 | Sand is dried in foundries in a _________drier.
Q23 | Cox chart is useful in the design of
Q24 | Acetone is to be removed from air in an isothermal dilute absorber using pure water as solvent. The incoming air contains 5 mole% of acetone (yin = 0.05). The design equation to be used for obtaining the number of trays (N) of the absorber is, N+2 = 6 log (yin/yout).For 98% recovery of acetone, the number of trays required is/are:
Q25 | In a liquid-liquid extraction, 10 kg of a solution containing 2 kg of solute C and 8 kg of solvent A is brought into contact with 10 kg of solvent B. Solvent A and B are completely immiscible in each other whereas solute C is soluble in both the solvents. The extraction process attains equilibrium. The equilibrium relationship between the two phases is Y* = 0.9X, where Y* is the kg of C/kg of B and X is kg of C/kg of A. Choose the correct answer.