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This set of Mass Transfer Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mass Transfer Set 13

Q1 | Dry bulb temperature of the gas is __________ the wet bulb temperature.
Q2 | __________ column is used in gas absorption process.
Q3 | The equilibrium liquid composition compared to the vapor composition in case of Azeotropic mixture is
Q4 | The diffusion co-efficient in m2/s. of acetic acid in benzene (liquid in liquid) is
Q5 | Unsaturated air (with dry bulb temperature and dew point being 35°C and 18°C respectively) is passed through a water spray chamber maintained at 15°C. The air will be cooled
Q6 | The 'shanks system' of leaching (i.e., counter-current multiple contact leaching) is used for
Q7 | The value of Lewis number (Le = Sc/Pr) for air-water vapour system is around
Q8 | Which of the following employs an accessory known as 'drift eliminator'?
Q9 | Dew point of an air-water vapor mixture
Q10 | The term "approach" in a cooling tower refers to the difference in the temperature of the
Q11 | The relation, Sc = Pr = 1, is valid, when the mechanism of __________ transfer is same.
Q12 | McCabe-Thiele method
Q13 | If the path of liquid across the plate is very long as in case of large diameter tower, Murphree efficiency can be __________ percent.
Q14 | Humid volume, at a given temperature is a/an __________ function of humidity.
Q15 | If the specific heats of a gas and a vapor are 0.2KJ/Kg.°K and 1.5 KJ/Kg.°K respectively, and the humidity is 0.01; the humid heat in KJ/°Kg. is
Q16 | Flooding in a vapor-liquid contacting equipment occurs in a tray, when the pressure drop through a tray is __________ the liquid head available in the downcomer.
Q17 | In case of __________ distillation, a solvent is added to alter the relative volatility of themixture to be separated.
Q18 | Pick out the wrong statement.
Q19 | Moisture contained by a substance in excess of the equilibrium moisture is called the __________ moisture.
Q20 | Which of the following is an undesirable characteristic for the solvent used in gas absorption?
Q21 | Hypersorption refers to a __________ process.
Q22 | Drying of refractory is normally carried out in a __________ dryer.
Q23 | For the same feed, feed quality and separation (in a distillation column), with the increaseof total pressure, the number of ideal plates will
Q24 | In case of liquids, the binary diffusivity is proportional to (where, T = temperature)
Q25 | A liquid mixture contains 30% o-xylene, 60% p-xylene and 10%. m-xylene (all percentages in w/w). Which of the following statements would be true in respect of this mixture?