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This set of Mass Transfer Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mass Transfer Set 11

Q1 | Compound A is extracted from a solution of A + B into a pure solvent S. A Co-current unit is used for the liquid-liquid extraction. The inlet rate of the solution containing A is 200 moles of B/hr.m2 and the solvent flow, rate is 400 moles of S/m2 . hr. The equilibrium data is represented by Y = 3X2 , where Y is in moles of a A/moles of B and X is in moles A/moles of S. The maximum percentage extraction achieved in the unit is
Q2 | Mass transfer co-efficient is directly proportional to DAB 0.5, according to __________ theory.
Q3 | Which of the following gas-liquid contacting devices incurs the least pressure drop for aparticular duty?
Q4 | For experimental determination of mass transfer co-efficient by wetted wall tower, themass transfer area is
Q5 | With decrease in the throughput (compared with the design capacity) for a bubble capdistillation column, its efficiency
Q6 | Diameter to height ratio for a raschig ring is
Q7 | Which of the following operations does not involve leaching?
Q8 | Flooding in a distillation column is detected by a sharp
Q9 | In case of an ideal solution, the total vapor pressure varies __________ with the composition expressed as mole fraction,
Q10 | With increase in temperature, the rate of extraction in leaching (solid-liquid extraction system).
Q11 | Component A is diffusing in a medium B. The flux NA relative to a stationary point is equal to the flux due to molecular diffusion, if
Q12 | Absorption accompanied by heat evolution results in
Q13 | The solvent used in liquid extraction should not have high latent heat of vaporisation, because
Q14 | Mass transfer co-efficient varies as DAB0.5, according to the __________ theory.
Q15 | The suitable evaporator for concentration of foaming liquids is a __________ evaporator.
Q16 | In stripping section of continuous distillation column, the
Q17 | An aqueous solution of methanol is to be distilled in a tray column. High pressure steam is available as a source of heat. For a given reflux ratio and overhead composition, two options are being explored; (i) a reboiler is used and (ii) no reboiler is used but steam is fed directly to the bottom of the column. As compared to option (i), in option (ii)
Q18 | The Schmidt number which is defined as, ?/? D, is the ratio of the
Q19 | NSc/NPr is called the
Q20 | At constant pressure, with increase of temperature, the dew point will
Q21 | Pick out the correct statement.
Q22 | The percentage humidity is less than the relative humidity only at __________ percent humidity.
Q23 | 'ADDUCTS' and 'CLATHRATES' are used in case of
Q24 | __________ is concerned with the adsorption equilibria.
Q25 | In most of the vacuum crystalliser, vacuum is generally produced by means of a