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This set of Mass Transfer Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mass Transfer Set 10

Q1 | Free flowing granular materials can be best dried in a __________ drier.
Q2 | In a packed bed absorption column, the channelling will be noted by the
Q3 | The ratio of Murphree plate efficiency to point efficiency is always > 1 in a __________ flow model.
Q4 | Fractional solvent extraction
Q5 | At the same gas flow rate, the pressure drop in a packed tower being irrigated with liquid__________ that in dry packed tower.
Q6 | During dehumidification of unsaturated air wet bulb temperature & partial pressure of vapor are not constant. However, during evaporative cooling process with recirculated water supply, the __________ remains constant.
Q7 | Wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures becomes identical at __________ percent saturationcurve.
Q8 | __________ is the separation technique used for desalination of sea water.
Q9 | The partial pressure distribution of an ideal gas diffusing through another stagnant idealgas at steady state follows a/an __________ law.
Q10 | Out of two equilibrium curves, first one lies above the diagonal and the second lies below the diagonal in the x-y plot. It means that separation by distillation is
Q11 | According to Chilton-Colburn analogy for mass transfer, NSt.NSc 2/3 is equal to
Q12 | Very tall packed towers are divided into series of beds to
Q13 | If „f’ is defined as above, then which of the following applies to a feed at dew point?
Q14 | Separation of the isotopes of helium for scientific investigations is done by
Q15 | Flash distillation is suitable for the separation of components
Q16 | The McCabe ?L law states that the
Q17 | When both the fluids flow concurrently in an absorber, the slope of the operating line is
Q18 | Steam distillation is used for separation of high boiling
Q19 | The relative saturation of a partially saturated mixture of vapour and gas can be increasedby __________ of the mixture.
Q20 | Pick out the correct statement.
Q21 | Pick out the wrong statement.
Q22 | For a fixed number of ideal stages in a distillation column, as the reflux ratio is increased, the difference in composition between the top and bottom product streams
Q23 | __________ diffusion is used for separating the isotopes of methane.
Q24 | Pick out the wrong statement.
Q25 | For a distillation column operating at minimum reflux, the