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This set of J2EE Technologies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on J2Ee Technologies Set 3

Q1 | Which of the following is true about servlets?
Q2 | Which method is used to specify before any lines that uses the PrintWriter?
Q3 | Which of the following are the session tracking techniques?
Q4 | The getSession() method with „true? as its parameter [ getSession(true) ] it will return the appropriate session object when
Q5 | A servlet maintain session in
Q6 | Servlet mapping defines
Q7 | The life cycle of a servlet is managed by
Q8 | The init parameter name and value pairs that are defined in web.xml file are handled by
Q9 | How many ServletContext objects are available for an entire web application?
Q10 | Which of the following package contains servlet classes?
Q11 | Which page directive should be used in JSP to generate a PDF page?
Q12 | Which tag should be used to pass information from JSP to included JSP?
Q13 | Application is instance of which class?
Q14 | _jspService() method of HttpJspPage class should not be overridden.
Q15 | Which option is true about session scope?
Q16 | Default value of autoFlush attribute is?
Q17 | Which one is the correct order of phases in JSP life cycle?
Q18 | “request” is instance of which one of the following classes?
Q19 | Which is not a directive?
Q20 | Which is mandatory in tag?
Q21 | Which one of the following is correct for directive in JSP?
Q22 | Which of the following action variable is used to include a file in JSP?
Q23 | Which attribute uniquely identification element?
Q24 | “out” is implicit object of which class?
Q25 | Which object stores references to the request and response objects?