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This set of Digital Business Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Digital Business Set 1

Q1 | World Wide Web (WWW) was introduced in the year ……………………
Q2 | is an early form of E-commerce
Q3 | is concerned with the buying and selling information, products and services overcomputer communication networks
Q4 | is a set of standards developed in the 1960s to exchange business informationand to do electronic transactions
Q5 | Which among the following product is suitable for E-Commerce ?
Q6 | allows a business application on the computer of one organization to communicatedirectly with the business application on the computer of another company.
Q7 | Electronic Exchange of business documents in a standard format is known as ………………
Q8 | is essentially a business process that connects manufacturers, retailers,customers and suppliers in the form of a chain to develop and deliver products.
Q9 | Which of the following is not a party of SCM ?
Q10 | is a commercial process that includes production, distribution, sales or deliveryof goods and services through electronic means
Q11 | is the exchange of goods or items or commodities and services or applicationsused for money and deals the money matters
Q12 | is an approach to deliver information differentiated business values called servicesby combining the system and process generally called resources
Q13 | always operate on intranet
Q14 | Which among the following is not an example for E-commerce
Q15 | ……………….and ………………… were the enabling technologies that laid the ground work for Ecommerce
Q16 | were the first to establish prominent E-commerce Brands
Q17 | is a systems approach to Managing the entire flow of information, materials, andservices from raw material suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customer.
Q18 | is a form of supply chain where a series of assembly operations are carried out toobtain the final product
Q19 | is a form of supply chain where a wide variety of finished goods are producedwith limited number of raw material or components.
Q20 | is the exchange of services, information or product from one business to agovernment agency
Q21 | Companies use networks to automate employee related corporate processes.
Q22 | Which among the following is not a B2E application
Q23 | streamlines the flow of information and self service capabilities throughautomation
Q24 | is a global web in which millions of users are communicating with each other withthe help of computers.
Q25 | is an application layer protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermediainformation systems.