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This set of General Science Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Chemistry Set 2

Q1 | Which among the following is the lowest atomic number element without any stable isotopes?
Q2 | Which among the following is the main constituent of malleable metal alloy Pewter ?
Q3 | How many parts are of other metals in a 17 carat Gold?
Q4 | Which among the following does not come under carbon Group of Periodic Table?
Q5 | Which among the following is not correctly matched?
Q6 | The chemical oxygen demand COD test is commonly used to measure which of thefollowing?
Q7 | Which among the following is an organic mineral?
Q8 | Liming is the application of calcium and magnesium rich materials to soil in various forms, including marl, chalk, limestone, or hydrated lime. What is the purpose of liming?
Q9 | Who among the following established that genetic code of all organisms is spelled out inthree-letter words, each set of three nucleotides codes for a specific amino acid?
Q10 | Which among the following is a main component of some alert tablets such as Alert, No Doz, Stay Awake & Vivarin?
Q11 | Which among the following compound of barium is used as radio contrast agent for X-ray imaging and other diagnostic procedures and also commonly called as Barium Food?
Q12 | Which among the following is used as an antidote?
Q13 | Which among the following will undergo a chemical reaction depending on the pH of thesolution?
Q14 | Bring out the statement which is wrong:
Q15 | Which among the following basic atoms are must in an Alkaloid?
Q16 | F block elements in the periodic table which are commonly called Lanthanides have thefollowing atomic numbers:
Q17 | The volume of a gas at a given pressure and temperature is proportional to the number of atoms or molecules regardless of the nature of the gas. This concept is called as___?
Q18 | Who among the following is known to manufacture first Cyclotron?
Q19 | British Scientist JJ Thomson was awarded Nobel prize in Physics in 1906 for discovery ofwhich of the following particle?
Q20 | Charles Goodyear is known for which of the following?
Q21 | Which among the following gas is used in Balloons?
Q22 | Which among the following is the most important characteristic of Noble metals?
Q23 | What is the atomic number of Transuranic elements?
Q24 | A Cyclotron is ___?
Q25 | Steel is an alloy consisting mostly of iron, with a carbon content between 0.2% and 2.1% byweight. An increasing amount of Iron will result in which of the following?