Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Energy Set 1

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This set of Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Energy Set 1

Q1 | By which of the following systems electric power may be transmitted ?
Q2 | are the conductors, which connect the consumer’s terminals to the distribution
Q3 | The underground system cannot be operated above
Q4 | Overhead system can be designed for operation up to
Q5 | If variable part of annual cost on account of interest and depreciation on the capital outlay is equal to the annual cost of electrical energy wasted in the conductors, the total annual cost will be minimum and the corresponding size of conductor will be most economical. This statement is known as
Q6 | The wooden poles well impregnated with creosite oil or any preservative compound have life
Q7 | Which of the following materials is not used for transmission and distribution of electricalpower ?
Q8 | Galvanised steel wire is generally used as
Q9 | The usual spans with R.C.C. poles are
Q10 | The corona is considerably affected by which of the following ?
Q11 | Which of the following are the constants of the transmission lines ?
Q12 | 310 km line is considered as
Q13 | The phenomenon qf rise in voltage at the receiving end of the open-circuited or lightly loadedline is called the
Q14 | The square root of the ratio of line impedance and shunt admittance is called the
Q15 | Which of the following is the demerit of a ‘constant voltage transmission system’ ?
Q16 | The operating voltage of high voltage cables is up to
Q17 | The operating voltage of supertension cables is up to
Q18 | The operating voltage of extra high tension cables is upto
Q19 | Which of the following methods is used for laying of underground cables ?
Q20 | Which of the following is the source of heat generation in the cables ?
Q21 | Due to which of the following reasons the cables should not be operated too hot ?
Q22 | Which of the following D.C. distribution system is the simplest and lowest in first cost ?
Q23 | A booster is a
Q24 | Besides a method of trial and error, which of the following methods is employed for solution of network problems in interconnected system ?
Q25 | Which of the following faults is most likely to occur in cables ?