Testing And Commissioning Of Electrical Equipment’S Set 8

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This set of Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipment’s Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Testing And Commissioning Of Electrical Equipment’S Set 8

Q1 | The heat produced at the contact point owing to flow of electric current is leastaffected by_____________________.
Q2 | The resistance of an electric arc can be increased by
Q3 | By using low resistance method for arc extension what is the value of arcresistance?
Q4 | What happens in the arc extinction using high resistance method?
Q5 | What is the arc voltage in a circuit breaker?
Q6 | Arcing voltage will be the least in case of
Q7 | How is the initiation of electric arc at the instant of contact separation caused?
Q8 | The arc resistance depends on which among the following factors?
Q9 | Which type of tripping is generally preferred for the circuit breaker?
Q10 | Which part of the circuit breaker is helpful in breaking the current?
Q11 | When a fault occurs in a high voltage transmission line, what happens first?
Q12 | Upto what voltage can the liquid type HRC fuses be used?
Q13 | What is the main advantage of using a fuse?
Q14 | On what basis is the selection of fuse done?
Q15 | Upto what voltage a cartridge type of fuse can be used?
Q16 | In a HRC fuse what is the time between the cut off and the final current zerocalled?
Q17 | Which material is used in the liquid type of fuse?
Q18 | What is the advantage of HRC fuses over Rewirable fuses?
Q19 | If the strands of the fusing wire are twisted, what happens to the fusing current?
Q20 | What is the typical value of the pre arcing time?
Q21 | Outdoor switchgear is generally used for voltage beyond
Q22 | The least expensive protection for over current in low-voltage system is
Q23 | Purpose of backup protection is
Q24 | We do not require any protection against prime mover failure in case of
Q25 | For the protection of stator winding of an alternate against internal fault involvingground the relay used is a