Power Quality And Management Set 3

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This set of Power Quality and Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Power Quality And Management Set 3

Q1 | The most common way to calculate voltage sag is from ______
Q2 | Effect of temperature rise in overhead lines is to
Q3 | What should be the value of sag for proper operation of overhead transmission line?
Q4 | Voltage dips cannot be caused by which of the following:
Q5 | Which one of the following cannot be possible with voltage surges:
Q6 | During sag, power electronic component will trip, this will decrease ______
Q7 | The total power taken by the load remains constant so that _____ will be higher
Q8 | The major cause of voltage sag is
Q9 | To obtain a constant current input, a inductor is placed in current source inductor(CSI) in:
Q10 | The harmonic current distortion in adjustable speed drive is_____
Q11 | Reducing the number of short-circuit faults in a system, reduces ______
Q12 | Current-limiting fuses are able to clear a fault within one _______.
Q13 | By implementing changes in the supply system, the severity of the event will__.
Q14 | The main mitigation equipments is___
Q15 | During normal operation, the UPS takes its power from the supply, rectifies the acvoltage to dc and inverts it again to ac with the
Q16 | What is the value of transient stability limit?
Q17 | By using which component can the transient stability limit of a power system be improved?
Q18 | What is transient stability limit?
Q19 | Which among the following methods is used for improving the system stability?
Q20 | What is steady state stability limit?
Q21 | Which among these is a classification of power system stability?
Q22 | The stability of the power system is not affected by which among these?
Q23 | What is power system stability?
Q24 | Power factor can be mathematically expressed as:
Q25 | The power factor angle of a purely inductive circuit is: