Power Quality And Management Set 2

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This set of Power Quality and Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Power Quality And Management Set 2

Q1 | With 100% series compensation of lines
Q2 | In a pure LC parallel circuit under resonance condition, current drawn from the supply mains is
Q3 | A lightning arrestor connected between the line and earth in a power system
Q4 | Lightning arresters are used in power systems to protect electrical equipments against
Q5 | Consider the following statements : The transient stability of the power system under unbalanced fault conditions can be effectively improved by1. Excitation control2. phase-shifting transformer3. single-pole switching of circuit breakers4. increasing the turbine input. Of these statements
Q6 | One current transformer (CT) is mounted over a 3-phase 3-core cable with its sheath and armour removed from the portion covered by the CT. An ammeter placed in the CT secondary would measure
Q7 | Earth wire on EHV overhead transmission line is provided to protect the lineagainst
Q8 | The velocity of travelling wave through a cable of relative permittivity 9 is
Q9 | A wave-trap is used at the termination of a HVAC overhead line to a station switchyard to
Q10 | Shunt compensation in an EHV line is used to improve
Q11 | The principal information obtained from load flow studies in a power system are1. magnitude and phase angle of the voltage at each bus.2. reactive and real power flows in each of lines.3. total power loss in the network.4. Transient stability limit of the system Select the correct answer from the codes given below :
Q12 | While rising and while falling, if a wave is symmetrical, it contains
Q13 | While rising and falling if a wave is not symmetrical, it contains
Q14 | The main reason for generation of harmonics in a transformer could be
Q15 | Harmonics in transformer result in
Q16 | Which fractional pitch will eliminate the seventh harmonic from the voltage waveform of an alternator?
Q17 | Most of the power quality problems are related to ______
Q18 | Which of the following is not considered as good power quality voltage
Q19 | Lightening and Tree striking on a live conductor is an example________ PowerQuality issue.
Q20 | Interruption is
Q21 | The Transients in the power system occurs for
Q22 | The most common cause of long interruption is ______
Q23 | Outage is the
Q24 | Single Phase Tripping is generally used in _________________.
Q25 | The Short Interruptions occurs for