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This set of .NET Programming Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Net Programming Set 1

Q1 | A variable which is declared inside a method is called a________variable
Q2 | Which is the String method used to compare two strings with each other ?
Q3 | Minimum and Maximum range of values supported by ‘float’ data type are ?
Q4 | Which datatype should be more preferred for storing a simple number like 35 to improve execution speed of a program?
Q5 | What will be output of the following conversion ?static void Main(string[] args){char a = 'A';string b = "a";Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToInt32(a));Console.WriteLine(Convert.ToInt32(Convert.Tochar(b)));Console.ReadLine();}
Q6 | Scope of variable is related to definition of variable as:1. Region of code within which variable value is valid and hence can be accessed.2. No, relation with region where variable is declared its value is valid in entire scope.
Q7 | Type of Conversion in which compiler is unable to convert the datatype implicitly is ?
Q8 | Select output of the given set of Code :static void Main(string[] args){String name = "Dr.Gupta";Console.WriteLine("Good Morning" + name);}
Q9 | Which of the following is an 8-byte Integer?
Q10 | Which of the following is NOT an Integer?
Q11 | Which of the following are value types?1.Integer2.Array3.Single4.String5.Long
Q12 | Which of the following does not store a sign?
Q13 | What is the size of a Decimal?
Q14 | Which of the following is the correct size of a Decimal datatype?
Q15 | Which of the following statements is correct?
Q16 | Which of the following can implement an interface?1.Data2.Class3.Enum4.Structure5.Namespace
Q17 | Which of the following will be the correct output for the C#.NET code snippet given below?String s1 = "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL";String s2;s2 = s1.Substring(12, 3);Console.WriteLine(s2);
Q18 | If s1 and s2 are references to two strings, then which of the following is the correct way to compare the two references?
Q19 | Which of the following is the correct output of the C#.NET code snippet given below?int[ , , ] a = new int[ 3, 2, 3 ];Console.WriteLine(a.Length);
Q20 | Which of the following are NOT Relational operators in C#.NET?1.>=2.!=3.Not4.<=5.<>=
Q21 | Which of the following is NOT an Assignment operator in C#.NET?
Q22 | A GUI:
Q23 | Visual Studio .NET provides which feature:
Q24 | What does IDE stand for?
Q25 | Which is not a main component of the Visual Studio IDE?