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This set of Machine Learning (ML) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Machine Learning Set 9

Q1 | This  clustering algorithm terminates when mean values computed for the current iteration of the algorithm are identical to the computed mean values for the previous iteration Select one:
Q2 | Which one of the following is the main reason for pruning a Decision Tree?
Q3 | You've just finished training a decision tree for spam classification, and it is getting abnormally bad performance on both your training and test sets. You know that your implementation has no bugs, so what could be causing the problem?
Q4 | The K-means algorithm:
Q5 | Which of the following metrics, do we have for finding dissimilarity between two clusters in hierarchical clustering?1. Single-link2. Complete-link3. Average-link
Q6 | In which of the following cases will K-Means clustering fail to give good results?1. Data points with outliers2. Data points with different densities3. Data points with round shapes4. Data points with non-convex shapes
Q7 | Hierarchical clustering is slower than non-hierarchical clustering?
Q8 | High entropy means that the partitions in classification are
Q9 | Suppose we would like to perform clustering on spatial data such as the geometrical locations of houses. We wish to produce clusters of many different sizes and shapes. Which of the following methods is the most appropriate?
Q10 | The main disadvantage of maximum likelihood methods is that they are _____
Q11 | The maximum likelihood method can be used to explore relationships among more diverse sequences, conditions that are not well handled by maximum parsimony methods.
Q12 | Which Statement is not true statement.
Q13 | With Bayes theorem the probability of hypothesis H¾ specified by P(H) ¾ is referred to as
Q14 | The probability that a person owns a sports car given that they subscribe to automotive magazine is 40%. We also know that 3% of the adult population subscribes to automotive magazine. The probability of a person owning a sports car given that they don’t subscribe to automotive magazine is 30%. Use this information to compute the probability that a person subscribes to automotive magazine given that they own a sports car
Q15 | What is the naïve assumption in a Naïve Bayes Classifier.
Q16 | Based on survey , it was found that the probability that person like to watch serials is 0.25 and the probability that person like to watch netflix series is 0.43. Also the probability that person like to watch serials and netflix sereis is 0.12. what is the probability that a person doesn't like to watch either?
Q17 | What is the actual number of independent parameters which need to be estimated in P dimensional Gaussian distribution model?
Q18 | Give the correct Answer for following statements.1. It is important to perform feature normalization before using the Gaussian kernel.2. The maximum value of the Gaussian kernel is 1.
Q19 | Which of the following quantities are minimized directly or indirectly during parameter estimation in Gaussian distribution Model?
Q20 | Consider the following dataset. x,y,z are the features and T is a class(1/0). Classify the test data (0,0,1) as values of x,y,z respectively.
Q21 | Given a rule of the form IF X THEN Y, rule confidence is defined as the conditional probability that Select one:
Q22 | Which of the following statements about Naive Bayes is incorrect?
Q23 | How the entries in the full joint probability distribution can be calculated?
Q24 | How many terms are required for building a bayes model?