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This set of Machine Learning (ML) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Machine Learning Set 26

Q1 | According to____ , it’s a key success factor for the survival and evolution of all species.
Q2 | What is ‘Training set’?
Q3 | Common deep learning applications include____
Q4 | Reinforcement learning is particularly efficient when______________.
Q5 | if there is only a discrete number of possible outcomes (called categories),the process becomes a______.
Q6 | Which of the following are supervised learning applications
Q7 | During the last few years, many ______ algorithms have been applied to deepneural networks to learn the best policy for playing Atari video games and to teach an agent how to associate the right action with an input representing the state.
Q8 | What is ‘Overfitting’ in Machine learning?
Q9 | What is ‘Test set’?
Q10 | ________is much more difficult because it's necessary to determine a supervised strategy to train a model for each feature and, finally, to predict their value
Q11 | How it's possible to use a different placeholder through the parameter_______.
Q12 | If you need a more powerful scaling feature, with a superior control on outliers and the possibility to select a quantile range, there's also the class________.
Q13 | scikit-learn also provides a class for per-sample normalization, Normalizer. It can apply________to each element of a dataset
Q14 | There are also many univariate methods that can be used in order to select the best features according to specific criteria based on________.
Q15 | ________performs a PCA with non-linearly separable data sets.
Q16 | A feature F1 can take certain value: A, B, C, D, E, & F and represents grade of students from a college.Which of the following statement is true in following case?
Q17 | The parameter______ allows specifying the percentage of elements to put into the test/training set
Q18 | In many classification problems, the target ______ is made up of categorical labels which cannot immediately be processed by any algorithm.
Q19 | _______adopts a dictionary-oriented approach, associating to each category label a progressive integer number.
Q20 | If Linear regression model perfectly first i.e., train error is zero, then _____________________
Q21 |  Function used for linear regression in R is __________
Q22 | In syntax of linear model lm(formula,data,..), data refers to ______
Q23 | In the mathematical Equation of Linear Regression Y = β1 + β2X + ϵ, (β1, β2) refers to __________
Q24 | Which of the following methods do we use to find the best fit line for data in Linear Regression?
Q25 | Which of the following evaluation metrics can be used to evaluate a model while modeling a continuous output variable?