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This set of Machine Learning (ML) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Machine Learning Set 2

Q1 | Like the probabilistic view, the ________ view allows us to associate a probability of membership with each classification.
Q2 | Database query is used to uncover this type of knowledge.
Q3 | Some telecommunication company wants to segment their customers into distinct groups ,this is an example of
Q4 | In the example of predicting number of babies based on stork's population ,Number of babies is
Q5 | Which learning Requires Self Assessment to identify patterns within data?
Q6 | Select the correct answers for following statements.1. Filter methods are much faster compared to wrapper methods.2. Wrapper methods use statistical methods for evaluation of a subset of features while Filter methods use cross validation.
Q7 | The "curse of dimensionality" referes
Q8 | In simple term, machine learning is
Q9 | If machine learning model output doesnot involves target variable then that model is called as
Q10 | Following are the descriptive models
Q11 | Different learning methods does not include?
Q12 | A measurable property or parameter of the data-set is
Q13 | Feature can be used as a
Q14 | It is not necessary to have a target variable for applying dimensionality reduction algorithms
Q15 | The most popularly used dimensionality reduction algorithm is Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Which of the following is/are true about PCA? 1. PCA is an unsupervised method2. It searches for the directions that data have the largest variance3. Maximum number of principal components <= number of features4. All principal components are orthogonal to each other
Q16 | Which of the following is a reasonable way to select the number of principal components "k"?
Q17 | Which of the folllowing is an example of feature extraction?
Q18 | Prediction is
Q19 | PCA works better if there is1. A linear structure in the data2. If the data lies on a curved surface and not on a flat surface3. If variables are scaled in the same unit
Q20 | A student Grade is a variable F1 which takes a value from A,B,C and D. Which of the following is True in the following case?
Q21 | What can be major issue in Leave-One-Out-Cross-Validation(LOOCV)?
Q22 | Imagine a Newly-Born starts to learn walking. It will try to find a suitable policy to learn walking after repeated falling and getting up.specify what type of machine learning is best suited?
Q23 | Support Vector Machine is