Information Systems And Engineering Economics Set 19

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This set of Information systems and engineering economics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Information Systems And Engineering Economics Set 19

Q1 | What effect would have on the break-even point and expected profit if there is an increase in sales expense?
Q2 | Which of the following statements is most correct?
Q3 | Bureaucracy theory means
Q4 | An in depth study on a single organisation using a variety of data collection methods is known as
Q5 | The method of research that gathers data about perceptions, feelings, opinions through interviews and questionnaires in their actual work setting is known as
Q6 | The consistency of data obtained from a particular research method is known as
Q7 | The degree to which a research method actually measures what it is supposed to measure is known as
Q8 | A method of helping is to understand management and organisational behaviour is to look at that has been done before
Q9 | What must entrepreneurs and leaders learn in order to have a successful organisation?
Q10 | Organisational success in providing a service or a product depends on
Q11 | An organisation's mission is
Q12 | Which must be accomplished ?rst by the entrepreneur or leader?
Q13 | De?nable groups of people who have an economic and/or social interest in the organisation are called
Q14 | Governance policies, rules, as well as authority structures apply to which key resource element of the organisation?
Q15 | Productivity is a ratio of outputs (products or services) to .
Q16 | Doing the right things" is referred to as .
Q17 | Revitalization involves the strategies, resources, technology, and skills of theorganisation.
Q18 | What is the relationship between satisfaction and productivity, as suggested by research?
Q19 | Satisfaction is de?ned as positive feelings people have about an organisation whether as a/an
Q20 | Management is the practice of
Q21 | Productivity ultimately depends on both
Q22 | What is planning?
Q23 | What is the process of managerial control or controlling?
Q24 | What is competitive strategy?
Q25 | The process of strategic thinking most involves what?