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This set of Information Cyber Security (ICS) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Information Cyber Security Set 7

Q1 | In tunnel mode, IPSec protects the ______
Q2 | Pretty good privacy (PGP) is used in ______
Q3 | PGP encrypts data by using a block cipher called ______
Q4 | IKE creates SAs for _____.
Q5 | SSL provides _________.
Q6 | IKE uses _______
Q7 | In ______, there is a single path from the fully trusted authority to any certificate.
Q8 | _______ uses the idea of certificate trust levels.
Q9 | ________ provides privacy, integrity, and authentication in e-mail.
Q10 | In _____, there can be multiple paths from fully or partially trusted authorities.
Q11 | ______ provides authentication at the IP level.
Q12 | In _______, the cryptographic algorithms and secrets are sent with the message.
Q13 | ______ was invented by Phil Zimmerman.
Q14 | ISAKMP stands for ______
Q15 | PGP makes use of which cryptographic algorithm?
Q16 | What is the key size allowed in PGP?
Q17 | In SSL, what is used for authenticating a message?
Q18 | S/MIME is abbreviated as __________________
Q19 | Security Measures Needed to protect ________ during their transmission
Q20 | __________ means knowledge obtained from investigation, study , intelligence new ,facts .
Q21 | Prevention of the unauthorised used of Resources refers too?
Q22 | Protection against Denial by one of these parties in a communication refers to?
Q23 | Which One of them is Passive attack?
Q24 | What is lying of IP address called as?
Q25 | What is full form of DDoS?